H1N1 Vaccines for Prison Inmates, Wall Street Workers, and Santas – But Not Kids


Maybe because I’m a dad, I see things differently than most people. But I truly think our world is upside down. For instance, our HMO didn’t get their first shipment of H1N1 vaccines until the week after our baby was hospitalized for H1N1. If the vaccines came in a couple weeks earlier, our baby wouldn’t have been infected and I wouldn’t be stuck with three medical bills totaling over $18,000.

Now that the H1N1 vaccine is finally available at our HMO, the powers to be changed the high priority list. The list use to include people between 6 months and 24 years old. Now it’s children 6 to 59 months old. Our two oldest kids (ages six and nine) can’t get vaccinated unless they have medical conditions that increase their risk for influenza complications.

The same week I found out about the changes in the priority list, I read in the newspaper that H1N1 vaccines will be shipped to prisons to vaccinate inmates (Prison inmates to get H1N1 vaccine before many school kids). I’m sure I’m not the only dad that thinks this, but shouldn’t these vaccines go to kids first? The ones that have not broken any laws.

Then last week, I found out that the H1N1 vaccinates were shipped to several Wall Street firms (Wall Street Banks Getting Swine Flu Vaccine Before Many High-Risk Groups). Again, shouldn’t the vaccinates go to children first? And didn’t tax payers bail out a bunch of these firms last year? Upside down I tell you.

And then yesterday, I heard professional Santas are lobbying to be put on the H1N1 priority list (For Christmas, Santa Wants a H1N1 Vaccine). What the heck? Adults who dress up in red suits should be given higher priority than children ages six to eighteen? In an upside down world, this makes perfect sense.

I’m not saying prison inmates, Wall Street workers, and Santas don’t deserve to be vaccinated. I think everyone deserves to be vaccinated. However, as a dad, I think our little ones deserve to be vaccinated first. Sadly, this dad lives in an upside down world.

[BTW, if you have a choice between the spray or the shot, go with the shot. Two weeks ago, the Little Monkey got the H1N1 spray because the HMO was out of shots. And for the last two weeks, the Little Monkey has been sneezing and has a runny nose. The spray uses a live virus. Beware.]


15 thoughts on “H1N1 Vaccines for Prison Inmates, Wall Street Workers, and Santas – But Not Kids

  1. I am pretty hard nosed on this sort of thing! I don’t even think prisoners DESERVE to be vaccinated… that may sound harsh but there it is!
    Babies and children and sick and old should come first…. then nice law abiding people… then the prisioners! Pfffffft.
    I am not nice, I know!

    1. I think older people were exposed to a strand of the swine flu in the 70’s. That’s why there has not been as many cases of H1N1 problems for the elderly. But I still think they should get their shots before inmates and bankers.

      1. Regarding the older generation not getting the vaccine, there is talk that the H1N1 is not affecting them like the regular seasonal flu because of a potential cross immunization from the vaccine used to treat the Hong Kong flu in the 60’s.

        I think that anyone that wants a shot should be able to get one. So far my daycare provider had it and luckily my daughter did not get it from her (I thank nursing for that!) and now my father has it. He is 55 so he is outside the “high risk” group but apparently the H1N1 virus must have thought he was younger!

  2. School children in Philadelphia were given the H1N1 shot in schools. Teachers were not. As well, if you are a teacher with young children (ahem) you will find here that most peds are not giving the shot and they can’t even tell you where to go. That has been my experience. So now I have a plan. I’m putting my two kids in business suits and donning Santa hats on their head and taking them to Wall Street. That should get them the vaccine. *rolling eyes* Idiots
    .-= Susan Anderson´s last blog ..Wonderful World of Weiners: Is It Just Me Or…? Wednesdays =-.

  3. Wall Street bankers are more important than us and rich people get what we can’t anyway. Why pretend? When there’s a food shortage, they’d be fat if it weren’t for the fact that they have personal trainers too. :P

    But I’m not sure about prisoners. Theoretically, I’d say they should wait like everyone else. I wouldn’t put them on a lower priority just because of what they’ve done… there should be a certain ethical standard of humane treatment and often people are in prison BEFORE their trials if they can’t make bail. (Just saying) But higher priority makes no sense… UNLESS the government is experimenting on these folks with the vaccine. I hope they are able to opt out if they wish.
    .-= Mrs. C´s last blog ..In My Inbox: Merry Christmas, Ya NAZI! =-.

  4. Pfffft to cruel and unusual punishment. There are tens of thousands of prisioners in prisons because of THEM being CRUEL and HEARTLESS and MEAN, and EVIL and JUST DOWNRIGHT BAD… and STUPID…. OK stupid is something we can all be… but not criminal.

  5. “Maybe because I’m a dad, I see things differently than most people.”

    The vast majority of the world’s adult population are all parents. Get over yourself. Being a father does not make you special.

    1. I just checked my father contract and it does indeed say I am special. I’m sorry being a father does not make you feel special. However, I will be happy to waive my special status if my kids can get their H1N1 shots before the crooks and murderers do.

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