My Little Tomboy


When I feel like punishing myself, I take my children to Target to check out the toys. There’s nothing more fun for a dad than having your children ask you to buy one toy after another. When that doesn’t work, the kids change their tactics and start telling me what toys they want for Christmas and their birthdays. They don’t really need to tell me. I know them well enough to figure out what they like. But the Little Monkey did surprise me. Take a look at what my youngest daughter wants for Christmas:

My little girl with a Bakugan toy at Target
My little girl with a Bakugan toy - tomboy

The little tomboy with a G.I. Joe action figure
Four year old girl with a G.I. Joe action figure - tomboy

Apparently, my little girl is a tomboy. As a dad, I’m amazed at how different my two girls are. My oldest daughter, the Little Princess, is and has always been a girly girl. My youngest daughter, the Little Monkey, plays rough and likes to climb on things. The girls use to be close when they were younger, but now the Little Monkey plays with her older brother more often than she does with her older sister.


24 thoughts on “My Little Tomboy

  1. My 4YO daughter up until recently wanted things that daddy liked… Transformers, GiJOE, SpiderMan, Batman, IronMan, Wolverine.. Now whenever she sees something that is girly on TV, she says she wants that. And when it’s a boy toy, she says that it’s for her brother.

    But I still have to buy them the same things because they’ll fight over the other toys.
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  2. Hey there are a lot of cool toys out there that shouldn’t aoughta belong just to boys ad visa versa.
    How’s little Disney?? My daughter made an appt to get her baby vaccinated as soon as I told her and spent about 5 hrs in a line of 5,000 to do it. Plus in 3 weeks they have o go back for a booster Preferable to what your little D had to go through though by far!

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