There’s an IV Attached to His Head


Has anyone seen a scalp IV before? I hadn’t until I went to the ER recently and saw my baby with an IV attached to his head. If the situation wasn’t so serious, I would probably have laughed. I have never heard of such a thing before and I’ve seen many episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. The ER staff could not find a good vein in his arms so they stuck the IV in baby’s head. He hated it and eventually pulled it out.

Baby with a scalp IV


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  1. Poor little angel. Yes I have heard of one before. They look so sad.
    When Teenager was 12 months old he was hospitalized for RSV. They almost put the IV in his foot because he wouldn’t leave the one in his arm alone. They finally just bandaged the whole arm up so he couldn’t get to it.
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  2. Yes, my son had an IV in his head when he was in the hospital at 6-months of age. They also drew blood from his head. He was so dehydrated, the head was the only place they could get to a vein.

  3. I’m so glad your baby is ok, how awful for him to have to go through this. You all better be very careful. You can also couple tylenol and ibuprophen to help reduce a fever. ( as per our Dr.s advice) I used to stagger the two so I could keep my son medicated enough. He went through about a 2 year spell where he would get fevers and had a couple of fever related seizures and some other strange spells that he seem to finally outgrow. Have a happy WW

  4. I had a scalp IV when I was a baby/toddler. Several over my first couple of years, in fact.

    I hope your little one is making a full recovery. You’ve just made me glad all over again that my cousin got all four of her children vaccinated against H1N1 three weeks ago. They go back on Monday for their second shot, if the health department has any vaccine on hand. If not, at least they got round 1.

    Stay healthy and happy WW!
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  5. Our little one had one in his head not too long ago…all of his other veins were unusable. The next day we had a port put in his chest to aid in blood decision we have made in regards to his medical care…IMHO

    Hope your wee one recovers soon. Tugs at my heart to see a precious little one this way.
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  6. Ug, I feel like throwing up. I TRULY hate needles of any variety. I watched my niece as a tiny baby get one in her head and it was so disturbing. I’d forgotten that memory until your post. It is truly traumatizing isn’t it? I mean you’re so grateful there is something that can be done to help them but the road to get there is so brutal sometimes!!

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  7. Dad,

    I know it’s hard to see your little one in that condition. As a medic for 12 years I have seen the scalp IV and have had to preform them from time to time. Although this is not the easiest thing to see it does provide what the doctors need and that is direct access to adminster fluids and drugs. It’s also easy to maintain and control rather than in a joint that the baby tends to bend a lot. It will decrease the chance of having to replace it if it gets pulled out.

    Hang in there and we will be praying for your little one and your family.

      1. Absolutely none of my business but maybe you could send a “Thank You” card when things settle down. I received one my second year in. It remains in a scrap book that my wife has to this day. In 12 years I was thanked only a handful times. I remember every one. Not that grattitude is why we do it, but it makes all the ones that don’t turn out so well a little easier to handle because this time he/she was able to make a difference. Those men and women are there to help for such a short period of time and then they move on to the next call. They don’t get a lot of thanks.

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