DaddyScrubs for Delivery Room Dads


Check out the DaddyScrubs line of I’m The Daddy medical scrubs for expecting dads. They come in an assortment of colors, styles, and sizes. They sell for about $40 per set. According to the DaddyScrubs web site, the scrubs are perfect for fathers who don’t have a clue about how to dress for the big moment in the delivery room.

Huh? Maybe it’s just me, but what I was going to wear in the delivery room never crossed my mind. For the clueless, expecting dads, here’s my super secret father-to-be tip: Pack some t-shirts, shorts, sweats, underwear, socks, slippers, toiletries, snacks, and camcorder in a duffle bag. Then leave the bag in the trunk of your car until the big day.

DaddyScrubs line of medical scrubs for expecting fathers

Even though DaddyScrubs are targeted at clueless dads, I think DaddyScrubs would be great for expecting dads who want to let everyone know they are a new dad. I have never tried on a set of DaddyScrubs, but they are suppose to be comfortable. The company also has a line of I’m The Daddy t-shirts for $20 each. The t-shirts would actually work better for me because I prefer shorts over long pants. Shorts are much more comfortable for me because of my sensitive skin (I guess that makes me a sensitive guy — and yes, I did pass my sensitive skin gene to three of my kids).

Warning! If you value your life, do not ask your wife to hold in her contractions while you change into your DaddyScrubs.

[Disclosure: I was wearing black and orange underwear when I wrote this review. However, I did not receive black and orange underwear or a set of DaddyScrubs as part of this review. I was also not compensated for wearing black and orange underwear or for writing this review of DaddyScrubs. And no, we’re not planning on having another baby.]


12 thoughts on “DaddyScrubs for Delivery Room Dads

  1. For or last baby, I wanted a pair of scrubs that I could put the babies feet prints over my heart. My mother in law got me the scrubs.

    Color – Dark Blue.
    Feet prints – Black.

    It looked a lot better in my head.
    .-= Eric´s last blog ..A Reconsideration?? =-.

  2. I dunno about everyone else, but I SO didn’t need to know anything about your UNDERWEAR Daddy Forever! Then again .. I can talk! I have posted photos of mine! DOH!

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