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I received an email this week from 1-800-DENTIST telling me they are giving away $30,000 worth of free dental care. How did they know I didn’t have dental insurance? When you work for yourself, it’s hard to get a dental plan. The best I could find were dental discount cards. I sure could use $30,000 worth of free dental care because I need root canal work done (ouch) and I have a reoccurring infection that makes it hard to chew on the right side of my mouth.

1-800-DENTIST $30,000 Dental Care Contest

Dental Care Contest Details

  • Shoot a two minute video of yourself telling us what you don’t like about your smile and what you want to fix. Be sure to show your teeth. Upload your video anytime by November 10th.
  • Include details about how your smile affects the way you feel and how you interact with others as well as personal anecdotes.
  • Make your story compelling (keep it honest).
  • Each contestant video will have its own page, including a personal summary. This is where moms, dads, and the rest of America can cast their vote.
  • Ask dads, moms, aunts, uncles, friends, co-workers, and pets to cast their vote from November 10th – December 1st (noon PST). Only one vote per entity per day allowed.

More info: 1-800-DENTIST $30,000 Dental Care Contest


14 thoughts on “1-800-DENTIST $30,000 Giveaway

  1. Please help me!! I have had problems with my teeth since a child. Bad teeth runs from my dad’s side of the family. I remember eating alot of candy as a child but my mom kept me in the dentist office. My teeth started fall out a long time ago. I have one tooth at the top that loose. The other ones have fallen out. i lost the front one in 1994. I have been using super glue to glue it back in 5 years. I have even lost it, dropped it in the garbage , it has gone down the drain and i panniced every time. I cannot imagine not havin it, its only two teeth but when its out i look ridiculous. Im only 42 years old. I am very attractive until I open my mouth. I am always making people laugh but can never really join in like I want because I am ashamed of my mouth. Its so depressing. I always think about having to live the rest of my life with my teeth like this and I just want to die. I have lost alot of guy friends too. I have done good to learn how to cover it up by talking with my lip over my top gums. I have been proposed to by a man that I love but I refuse to accept because I would never marry anybody because I wouldn’t want to take pictures. I love him so much and we kiss im just so afraid that his tongue will run across my gums I dont know what to do. It has really put a damper on my life. I lost a nice guy because another one of friends realized I didnt have any teeth and he left my house and never called me again. That was a hurtful feeling. If you see me, you would never think my mouth was in such terrible terrible conditon. I want to do the contest, but I would be embarressed for anyone to see my face connected to this terrible mouth. I have waited for an opportunity like this but not in front of other people. I am even embarressed for a dentist to look in my mouth and i know they have seen everything. If i could just change my smile, it would change my life. I would be FOREVER GRATEFUL! I just want to DIE!!! Everything else about me is fine but my mouth is the pits. I appear to be sexy but they just don’t know. I cry everyday about my teeth. I just want some. I cant even eat some of my favorite foods because it hurts to even chew. I live bacon, peanuts, chips and other things. I try to eat it and end up putting it down because it hurts too bad to eat it. I have given up on so much because of this. PLEASE HELP ME REGAIN MY CONFIDENCE!!!! PLEASE!!!!

  2. it’s so unfortunate that I don’t have the equiptment to shoot andn upload a video of my plea so does this totally disqualify my opportunity?

    1. I don’t see how people can vote for your video if you have no video to show. Try using a cell phone or digital camera from a friend, relative, or co-worker. A lot of cell phones and cameras can shoot video.

  3. Wow…I thought I was alone when it comes to having bad teeth.When I just read Cheryl’s story it was like reading my own. I too am in my 40’s and I am also very attractive( so everyone keeps telling me), except for my teeth! This morning I was eating and my front tooth just snapped off at the gum line and I am freaking out! My husband just lost his job last month without warning and we can’t afford to pay rent let alone me go to a dentist. I live in Canada and they don’t even carry any temopary dental fix products here! I feel so lost…I don’t know what to do…I guess I will have to try the superglue thing because I have no other choice. I can’t find a dentist that doesn’t want money up front, so that is out of the question.
    The strange thing is that my bottom 8 front teeth are all perfect, but the top ones and my molars just seem to break in pieces. Its not because I don’t brush or floss, cause I do and I had dental care growing up. I have had severe stomach and intestine problems my whole life so I think my teeth root because of all the acid.
    I guess I missed the deadline for the video thing…probably not applicable in Canada anyway….any suggestions for me?

  4. It’s interesting, growing up I always had great dental coverage (checkups every 6 months) but now that I am a student and my college doesn’t have a dental plan I feel your pain. I still have relatively good teeth but it is somewhat stressful because mouth pain/issue are just that a huge pain. I think this was a great idea on the side of the company, but perhaps they should do more of these with lower payouts.

    1. Free dental care has been a hot topic recently with the changes being made in stateaid programs that are evolving due to recent legislation. saturdaydentist Shows how different states are actually defaulting on stateaid dental programs.

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