Deja Vu Dad


When you’re a dad with four kids, you can’t help but have deja vu moments. You’ll find yourself reliving moments you have experienced previously. Take a look for yourself and get a glimpse of a dad’s life with four cute kids. I took the first photo of my two youngest kids a few days ago and it reminded me of a photo I took several years ago of my two oldest kids. Seeing the two photos together kinda feels like someone pressed the rewind button to my life as a dad.

Little Monkey (4 yr, 1 mth) and Little Disney (7 mth) – 2009
Brother and sister Fall 2009

Little Princess (3 yr, 6 mth) and Spiderboy (6 mth) – 2003
Brother and sister Christmas 2003

Sorry about the quality of the last photo. I scanned it from a Christmas card. I didn’t have a digital camera six years ago.


19 thoughts on “Deja Vu Dad

    1. We were just trying to get a photo of the two little ones together (he doesn’t like to sit still). It wasn’t until I uploaded the photos to my computer that I noticed they looked just like the ones we took of the two older kids several years ago.

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