You Can Recycle It, Home Depot Can Help


I discovered this summer you can recycle your old fluorescent bulbs and batteries at Home Depot. As some of you dads and moms know, batteries and fluorescent bulbs are considered hazardous waste in most places. Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury, and batteries contain funky metals and acids. Once the casing is broken, the dangerous materials leak out. Lead, mercury, cadmium, and other elemental metals that are disposed in landfills and incinerators do not disappear. Instead they end up in the water and soil. With incinerators, the hazardous waste ends up in air emissions and ash. Then the earth melts and there won’t be any more Disney movies.

In our area, you can’t recycle fluorescent bulbs and batteries with the regular recyclables. And the garbage company won’t recycle them for you. Before Home Depot came along, I had to give the bad stuff to people in funny suits at the hazardous waste facility on Mars (it’s really far away because no one wants hazardous waste near their home for some reason). Now thanks to Home Depot, I can recycle my fluorescent bulbs and batteries easily. Once again, dad has saved the earth for his kids. You’re welcome kids and future grandkids.

Warning! Do not lick batteries before recycling.
my daughter at Home Depot's Kids Workshop

Halloween recycling box for fluorescent bulbs
my son recycling fluorescent bulbs at Home Depot

Dual use: potty for toddlers and recycling box for batteries
my son recycling batteries at Home Depot


13 thoughts on “You Can Recycle It, Home Depot Can Help

  1. Gotta love that Home Depot.
    I wish it was easier in my town to recycle. The garbage people don’t take any recycling whatsoever. We have to take it to the next county over and store it ourselves to make the trip worthwhile.
    Have you ever licked a 9 volt battery to see if it’s still good? Shocker!
    .-= peepnroosmom´s last blog ..Two weeks of school under our belt. =-.

  2. Hmmm…. Don’t supermarkets carry a little box where one could dispose their used batteries? Here we have that in all supermarkets and a recycling centre just minutes of walk from our apartment. Another great thing is that we have a big container to recycle used vegetable oil and motor oil.
    .-= Shanny´s last blog ..Rude people =-.

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