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I put together a directory of mom blogs and dad blogs on Daddy Forever. I added some of the suggestions from the HP notebooks giveaway to a list I had been compiling when I’m not busy making babies with my wife. This first pass of the listing is the beta release (Version 0.1). The directory is a work in progress (like my dad blog) and I expect to make many more changes before it’s good enough to be considered a 1.0 release (my wife is still waiting for the bug-free release of me).

When I was going through the sites, I used my gut feeling to determine if the blog should be included in my mommy and daddy directory. Just because a blog is written by a mom or dad doesn’t mean it should be included (ie – a blog written by a dad about the kinky mating habits of seahorses). At some point, I need to define the criteria to be listed in my directory (a big bribe?).

I also need to decide if I should include non-blogs. I’ve noticed some “blogs” are so slick that they are more like an online magazine than a blog. Should they be listed? Not sure yet. And what about the big media publications that have columnists write parenting blogs? Then there are the blogs devoted entirely to giveaways and reviews. Yeah I know, I run reviews and giveaways on my dad blog too. But my blog isn’t entirely devoted to giveaways and reviews like some blogs. There’s nothing wrong with sites that are like that, but should they be listed in a mom and dad blog directory?

At some point, I’ll probably need to assign blogs to categories. Otherwise, I’ll just end up with a really long list as the directory expands. I actually started to put blogs in categories in the first pass, but it was too much work. And some blogs were too hard to place in a single category.

Anyways, I just wanted to let my regular readers preview my dad and mom directory. Feel free to offer feedback. Inquiring minds want to know.


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  1. Thanks for the list, want to add another? ;)

    DadCAMP .. just launched this month and already growing quickly! It’s a site for Creative and Modern Parents. Dads who are involved and not shy to share. Would appreciate you dropping by and adding to the conversation.


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