First Day of School


Today is the first day of school for Spiderboy (first grade) and the Little Princess (fourth grade). Because Labor Day landed on the seventh this year, school in the Portland area started about a week later than last year (there must be a tear in the time-space continuum because summer break didn’t seem any longer).

This school year should be an interesting one. The school district redrew the school boundaries and our kids had to transfer to a new K-8 school. Both of my kids were well liked at their old K-5 school. At the new school, my kids only know two people in their classes. It’ll be interesting to see how the kids will adjust to being the new kids. Will they fit in or will they be one of dweebs that gets stuffed in a locker?

The kids at the new k-8 school
first day of school

We made our kids carry these signs to class so they could look like dweebs
my son, the first grader
my daughter, the fourth grader

This is what my four year old thinks about not being able to go to school
my little one sticking our her tongue on the first day of school


24 thoughts on “First Day of School

      1. Well, at least around here there are no lockers in middle schools or high schools. They “pose a safety and security risk.” Yeah. Uh-huh. Whatever. So the kids either have to break their backs carrying an overloaded backpack or use the rolling backpacks. My kids opt for the latter; they don’t care if they look like geeks. *grin*

  1. I hope they will be well liked. They are such sweet kids but we know that it doesn’t always guarantee things. I’m sure you can teach them some cool karate moves so they can defend themselves. Hehe
    .-= Kay´s last blog ..K’s field trip =-.

  2. That’s nice! Love those cards. Owen started day care (3 mornings a week) on 31st Aug. The whole place seems so quiet from 8:45am till 11:15am that its kinda scary! But then I could get to use to the peace & quiet!
    .-= Shanny´s last blog ..Rude people =-.

  3. hello daddy – sorry to have missed so much of your life in recent times … too shagged with the move, new job, new town, new house and whatever to be around much.

    My wee lads are settling into a new school too – Darling Boy into a kindy with seven kids – all indigenous and First born into a school of 40 somedays and 20 other days – around four non indigenous kids. He is having problems with the dialec and some culutal differences … but all in all ok – he is in a composite class of 5yr – 8yr old kids.

    I think that it is a bummer when a burecrate tells you new boundaries means you have to move …. good luck with it all dear ones ! my best le
    .-= le´s last blog ..The Venetian Blind =-.

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