HP Notebooks Giveaway


This dad blogger is giving away two HP notebooks. Today is the start of the HP Back to School: Better Together Giveaway on my dad blog. Thanks to Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, and Timbuk2, Daddy Forever is giving away a HP DV6 Laptop, a HP Mini 110 Netbook, and a Timbuk2 notebook bag to one lucky winner. If the winner is located outside of the USA, a HPShopping.com credit will be given for the value of the notebooks companion bundle. My contest runs September 2nd through September 6th (Pacific time: UTC-7 time zone). The winner will be announced on Monday, September 7th. The winner will have 48 hours to claim the prizes (be sure to look for the winner announcement on Monday).

HP Laptop Giveaway - 25 notebooks and netbooks

How to Enter
There are four ways to enter the HP Notebooks Giveaway. You can enter up to four times, but only once in each category. No sad stories, bribes, or blood sacrifices please (the winner will be randomly selected). Below are the four ways you can enter:

  1. Select Your Own HP Companions
    HP is giving away the DV6 laptop and the Mini 110 netbook as a companion set. In other words, the DV6 is your main computer and the Mini 110 is your computer on the go. If you could pick your own companion set, which computers would you select from the HP web site? Let me know by leaving a comment. You can select the DV6 OR the Mini 110 as part of your combo, but you can’t select the DV6 and Mini 110 together (ie: DV6 and xyz OR Mini 110 and abc, but NOT DV6 and Mini 110 — that would be too easy). You can select two HP notebooks or a HP notebook and a HP desktop computer as your companion bundle.

  2. Suggest a Mom or Dad Blog
    In the comments area, recommend a dad or mom blog. List the title of the blog and the web address. To prevent copying, you can’t suggest a mom or dad blogger that someone else has already recommended. You also can’t suggest Daddy Forever or your own blog. By mom or dad blog, I’m going to define it as a blog written by a father or mother. (Note: Some comments are held in moderation for various reasons and will be inserted in the appropriate time slot once the comment has been approved. If this results in a duplicate of your suggestion, you may recommend another mom or dad blog. It’s your responsibility to check before the deadline.)

  3. Tweet or Retweet About the Laptop Giveaway
    You can enter by tweeting about the HP Notebooks Giveaway. Use this retweet link (you need to be logged into Twitter) or write your own tweet. Be sure to include the url to this post (http://daddyforever.com/2009/09/02/hp-laptops-notebook/ or the tiny url version) and the hash text (#HPBTS) so I can find it. It would be a good idea to let me know about your tweet in the comments area or via the contact form (just in case I missed the tweet).

  4. Write About the Laptops Giveaway
    If you have a blog or web site, write about my HP notebooks giveway and link to this post (http://daddyforever.com/2009/09/02/hp-laptops-notebook/). Let me know the URL of your post in the comments area or via the contact form (in case the trackback doesn’t show up).

Giveaway Prizes

  • HP DV6 Laptop (Intel Core 2 Duo P7350, 4GB RAM, 16″ screen (1366 x 768 pixels), 500GB SATA HDD, BluRay LightScribe DVD drive – specs may be different than the one I reviewed)
  • HP Mini 110 Netbook (Intel Atom 270, 1GB RAM, 10.1″ display (1024 x 576 pixels), 160GB SATA HDD, 6 cell battery – specs may be different than the one I reviewed)
  • Timbuk2 Laptop Bag (the notebook bag may be different than the one I reviewed)
  • Syncables Software (for syncing files across multiple computers)

Remember, other sites are also giving away HP notebooks. You can enter on all the web sites in the promotion, but you can only win once in the Back to School: Better Together Giveaway. Here is a list of the remaining sites in the giveaway:

Disclaimer: By entering this giveaway, you agree to hold me NOT liable for any problems you may encounter with this contest.


873 thoughts on “HP Notebooks Giveaway

  1. if i have to choose a different set i guess that would be HP TouchSmart IQ800t and HP Mini 110 XP
    now that’s a contrast!

    oh and i just re-tweeted
    all these contests made me get to know twitter, i might actually start to use it :)

  2. For my bundle, I would choose the HP Touchsmart IQ800T Series All In One PC and for the notebook I would choose the Voodoo Envy 133 Notebook PC.

  3. HP Mini 110 and HP HDX 18t Premium Series,
    don’t have a clue,wouldn’t know one end of a Computer from another ,but would sure like to present my Teenage son with prize package to assist his efforts in succeeding academically,top student,just needs a break.
    Brilliant site,being an older Father didn’t know sites like this existed,have now subscribed

  4. 1. super deluxe extreme combo with free toy would be:
    the ‘HP Pavilion Elite e9150t’ burger. (yee baby)
    with a ‘HP TouchSmart tx2z’ on the side.
    chuck in some fries (timbuk2 bag) and its time to eat!

    2. mochadad.com is awesome. and the dude who writes the stuff has some pretty funny tweets too haha.

    3. heres my twitter address. http://twitter.com/wakarua

    Cheers! good luck everyone

  5. 1. My perfect bundle would be an HP Pavilion Elite e9180t with an HP TouchSmart tx2z.

    2. A bittersweet Mom and Pop blog about their family with a special needs child http://lovefromlv.blogspot.com/

    3. Retweeted using your provided link.

    4. (The trackback seems to be present but just in case) My wordpress blog post sharing Daddy Forever’s HP Notebooks Giveaway (http://firesaw.wordpress.com/2009/09/02/hp-notebooks-giveaway-daddy-forever/) by way of Posterous (http://firesaw.posterous.com/hp-notebooks-giveaway-daddy-forever) . p.s. Posterous is an easy way to post to multiple blogs, social networks, and other web services which is why I use it to manage my sites. I meant to just use posterous to share the contest link but I’d forgotten that I set it to auto-post, alas.
    .-= Lloyd´s last blog ..First there was the plant thief; today it was the Recyclables burglars =-.

  6. My entry.Thanks for the opportunity.

    1. I would choose the HP HDX 18t series notebook & the HP Mini
    110 as my companion bundle.

    2. A good mom blog i would suggest is, ” Down-To-Earth Mama ” .

    The web address of the blog is, ” http://www.dtemama.com/ ” .

    3. Following you on Twitter as @sushrukh & tweeted about your

    Link :- ” http://twitter.com/sushrukh/status/3707930019 ” .

    4. I’ve written about your giveaway on my blog.

    Link :- ”

    Thanks for the opportunity again.I hope i win.Thanks. :)

  7. @ DaddyForever, your contact form doesn’t accept URLs or HTML links.So, i’ve provided the links to my Tweet & my blog post here in the comments section.Thanks.

  8. 1. My own companion set would have the HP Pavilion Elite e9180t desktop and the HP HDX 16t notebook.

    2. “Dirty Little Secret” is a fun Mom blog and you can find it at: http://jerseygirl89.wordpress.com/

    (I’ll also do 3 and 4 later and notify you through your contact form.)

  9. If I could pick my bundle, I would choose the HP Pavilion p6120t series


    the HP Pavilion dv2-1110us Entertainment Notebook PC in moonlight white

  10. 1. I would choose the HP Touch Smart and the HP mini 110xp edition. I have been looking at the Touch Smart already, seems very cool.

    2. tweeted http://twitter.com/annedoggett/statuses/3709445331

    3. I would like to recommend Stephanie at http://metropolitanmama.net/
    This is a wonderful blog. She is the Mom of two little girls and writes great posts about her Motherhood experiences.

    4. Blogged http://abdoggett1.blogspot.com/2009/09/win-hp-laptop-netbook-and-backpack.html

    Great giveaway, thanks for the chance!

  11. Something from the HP Pavilion Elite e9180t series and HP Pavilion dv3t series would be make a good bundle for home and on-the-go.

  12. I would pick their HPdv3t and HPG70t as my companion set, other than the one being given away. Thank you!

  13. I’d get a fully pimped-out Pavilion Elite e9180t series for the desk, and a TouchSmart tx2z series for the road!

  14. HP Pavilion Elite e9180t for Desktop PC (High Performance) & HP Pavilion dv3t for Notebook (Portability & performance)

  15. If I had to pick two HP products, I would pick the HP TouchSmart IQ500t series desktop, as well as the HP TouchSmart tx2z series laptop. If you havent noticed, like touch screens ;)

  16. As far as an HP companion set, I would pair an HP Pavilion Elite 9110 with the Mini 110. That would be a sweet combo.

  17. The bundle I would pick would be the IQ800t all in one desktop and the dv4t laptop. They would probably work the best for me. But I’d love the bundle you are giving away too!

  18. hello!
    my picks for a hp bundle hould be a hp pavilion slimline s5150t as a main computer and the hp touchsmart tx2z as my portable device. That would work just great for me.

  19. My best companion bundle will be the HP Pavillion DV7T series with its 17.3 inch widescreen display and maxed out specs, and the HP Touchsmart TX2Z series with its 12 inch multi-touch tablet display.. The HP DV7T will be my main PC and the HP TX2Z will me my mobile PC.

  20. My HP Companions:

    HP TouchSmart IQ800t for my home computing n’ entertainment needs…

    HP TouchSmart tx2z as my mobile companion.

    (yes, i’m a ‘touch’y guy!) The concept of touch computing has amazed me since a while…

  21. My bundle would be:
    – HP Pavilion Elite e9110t desktop
    – HP Pavilion dv6t laptop

    The specs and the prices seem ok for me.

  22. I’d take the HP HDX 16t Premium series and the HP TouchSmart tx2z series which seems like a sweet combo to me.

  23. My fave mommy/daddy blog is: http://millionairemommynextdoor.com/

    And my bundle would include an amazing laptop to get me past college: HP HDX 16T Premium and a secondary place to backup my work to (I’m a photographer and live in constant fear that my current POS laptop is about to kick the can and I’d lose all my work!!): HP Pavilion Elite e9105z series

    Thanks for running this contest!!
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..5 Celebrity-Inspired Back to School Beauty Ideas =-.

  24. My companion bundle would be the HP TouchSmart IQ800t series for my office and the HP HDX 18t Premium series for travel

  25. HP TouchSmart IQ800t series desktop and the HP HDX 16t Premium series laptop would be my companion package. I love the all in one desktop. It is awesome and the lappy is an entertainment dream.

  26. TouchSmart tx2z and mini 10 – both light and ready to go, but one for heavy work/design and one that you feel comfortable taking everywhere

  27. My HP companions would be the HP TouchSmart IQ800t series my main computer and the HP HDX 18t Premium series my computer on the go

  28. 1. I would choose the HP Mini 110 XP and the HP TouchSmart IQ500t. The TouchSmart would be a great base computer to use along with the very portable Mini 110

  29. my ultimate netbook notebook combo would be:

    HP HDX 18t performance notebook


    HP Mini 110 XP netbook with more ram and ubuntu remix

    now i just need to find a bag of free cash.

  30. My companion bundle of choice would be the HP Touchsmart IQ800t (giant screen, a million features) and the HP Mini 110XP (for my retro style of computing).

  31. The HP Mini 1120NR Netbook is much like the 110 Mini in its portable size and mobile Internet capabilities but with increased processing power it is a perfect match for the DV6. The 1120NR Netbook combined with the DV6 allow you to complete crucial work on the tightest deadline,either at home or on the road.

  32. HP Mini 110 XP & HP HDX 18t Premium series – the first for on the go needs & the second because I need a premium monitor to work intensively with product photography & spend so much time editing photos.

  33. I love DKMommySpot.com for a mommy blog – natural wisdom, eco-friendly & great giveaways plus tons of personality.

  34. Hey, I just tweeted, but thought I might as well include my “Entry #1” – my HP companions.

    I’d choose the “HP EliteBook 8730w Mobile Workstation (FZ632PA)” for myself, and the DV6 for my wife. I’m a bit of a gamer, so being able to do that, plus surf the web wirelessly, watch DVDs, etc… that’s what I’d like, if I had a massive budget to spend! My wife, on the other hand, mostly just surfs the net, and watches the occasional DVD, which is why the DV6 would be good for her.

    Both of these are available on the HP New Zealand website, which is where I live. :)
    .-= Jason´s last blog ..bassmanjase: RT @daddyforever Win 2 HP notebooks and a Timbuk2 laptop bag http://bit.ly/10Wh6E #HPBTS =-.

  35. My companion bundle would be:
    The HP Pavilion dv6z Artist Edition 2 series laptop and the HP TouchSmart IQ500t series desktop. I love the touch screen concept!

  36. Well, to be honest, that’s the combo I probably would choose! I currently have a Pavilion 1000 and it’s been great – for the last four years! Time to upgrade! But, if I have to choose a different one, let’s go all out and go with the HDX 18t – http://www.shopping.hp.com/webapp/shopping/computer_can_series.do?storeName=computer_store&category=notebooks&a1=Category&v1=Performance+and+entertainment&series_name=HDX18t_series Oh, and I would definitely get the optional built-in TV tuner! For the netbook I would go great with the HP Mini 110.

  37. I have GeekDad on my RSS. If Jason were my neighbor, our wives would NEVER see us or their kids. We’d always be gone firing 2L water bottle rockets, geocaching, etc. Of course, my wife would probably join in the fun too!


  38. Contest Entry:
    I’d get the Mini 110 and the other would be the HP HDX18t Premium Series Notebook PC – 2.53Ghz Cache, 400GB Dual HD – Solid State Drive 80GB + 320GB, 3GB RAM, BluRay ROM + DVD+/-RW Dual Layer (would never have the money to afford this one, UNLESS I WIN IT IN A CONTEST??)

  39. the combo I would choose HP TouchSmart IQ800t and HP Mini 110 XP but then even just 1 of these would be better than using internet cafes and any computer i can find to use as I don’t own one myself at all at moment.

  40. The dv3t series for travel, and the HDX 18t Premium for the software I use for work, which takes a lot of resources.

  41. My dream HP combo:- the TouchSmart tx2z with touch-screen function and the Elite e9180t for home gaming and entertainment. Of course, with Syncables to ensure the two are always in sync!

  42. Tweet sent (scylla7777)

    Mommy blog:


    A local Vancouver tv personality who is a young mom with a child with Down’s syndrome. She was recently a guest host with Regis and is so upbeat and positive.

    As for the hardware choice, that was tough but I think I would pick the HP HDX 16T with the HP Mini 110 XP. I think that would give me all that I need.

    Sure hope I win so I can upgrade from my quirky old laptop!

  43. I would love this bundled: The HP Pavillion Elite e9180t Series and the HP Pavillion dv6z Artist Edition 2 series.

  44. Hi! I remembered to stop by! I tried entering all the other ones but couldn’t qualify ever because of their requirements. This one I can do! :D I hope I’m doing this right. Hmmm…

    1. HP TouchSmart tx2z and HP Pavilion Elite e9180t (I hope I’m picking right combo)

    2. Mom Blog, one of my favorites is http://homeschoolnetc.blogspot.com/

    3. I tweeted @amazingsix at Twitter about the giveaway.

    I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope…… :D
    .-= Virginia´s last blog ..Kyle’s 6th Birthday! =-.

  45. I’m liking the look of the HP touchsmart tx2z–it would be super nice for easy transport–car/plane rides, watching movies, fun stuff with the HP Pavillion dv7t for my at home work zone.

  46. I posted about this offer on my facebook but I don’t have a twitter account. However, the following would be life changing for me in a very good way!

    HP Pavilion Elite e9180t series desktop


    HP HDX 18t Premium series laptop

  47. I would pair the HP Pavilion Elite e9180t as the computer for home use and the HP Pavilion dv6z as the computer on the go.

  48. I’d pick the HP DV6 and an HP Pavilion Elite e9180t desktop. It would be nice to have a high-performance desktop computer.

  49. I think the HP Pavilion dv7-2000 Entertainment Notebook PC would be great for home and has a huge screen which is perfect for watching my movies. For travelling and school purposes, I love the Compaq Presario CQ50-200 Notebook PC.


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  51. 1) I’d go with the HP Pavilion Slimline s5150t (only need something small at home) and the HP TouchSmart tx2z for on the go (looks fun!)


    3) tweet tweet – done

    4) my blog isn’t active right now :(

  52. I’d choose the HP Mini 110 and the HP TouchSmart. I’m a fan of portability, and both of these are excellent for working on the go.

  53. I would choose the HP Pavilion Elite e9180t and the Mini 110 as it would make an awesome combination of power and portablity.

  54. For a combo package I’d like to have a desktop and a laptop, so I’d pick the HP Pavilion Slimline s5110t and the DV6 Laptop.

  55. I would choose the HP HDX 18t Premium series laptop and the mini would be the
    The Pavilion dv2z is our thinnest and lightest notebook PC (0.93″ thick, 3.81 lb1.). This affordable, lustrous-looking laptop, available in espresso black or optional moonlight white, is loaded with performance and connectivity features to help you do everything in style.
    They would be perfect for us.


  56. I am tweeting and doing even more tweeting good luck all x not sure how to give my link of my tweets- twittername is whitty999
    I would choose the HP Touch Smart and the HP mini 110xp edition

  57. My HP bundle would have to be the

    HP TouchSmart tx2z series (notebook)

    & the

    HP TouchSmart IQ800t Series (desktop)

    That would be absolutely dreamy to have!!!!

    Thanks for the giveaway, I’m so thrilled to be here!!!

    -Barbara :)

  58. I would choose the HP Pavilion Elite e9180t for at home, and the HP Pavilion dv3t series for on the go. That would be MY perfect companion set.

  59. My HP choices would be the dv62 Artist Edition (It is definitely not boring…) and the other computer would be the MediaSmart Server EX487 to hold and share all of my files!

  60. If I could choose HP Companions to bundle I would choose the

    HP HDX 16t Premium series (notebook)
    and the HP G70t series (notebook)

    Thank you. This is a great giveaway!! There are so many things I could bundle together!!

  61. I’d pair the HP Pavilion dv7-2180 notebook with the HP TouchSmart IQ800t series. What a combo using Syncables Software.

  62. Entry 1: I’d pick a HP mini and the Pavilion dv3t laptop for my bundle. We don’t really have room for a desktop in our house.

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  64. For HP Companions, I would choose, HP TouchSmart tx2z series tablet and HP TouchSmart IQ800t series desktop. I am a huge fan of touch screen.

  65. 1. I would rather have a home pc and an ultraportable mini for travel say
    HP TouchSmart IQ800t and HP Mini 110 XP

    2. I just found the site Building Camelot through the contest which is a great site it seems

    3. retweeted through the link. Thanks for the link btw

    4. Wrote about it on my blogsite

  66. I followed and tweeted http://twitter.com/Wreak_havoc415 :D

    For my bundle I would have to pick the HP HDX 18t and the MINI 110 net book because they are great laptops and have exactly what I want and need and then some, but anything from HP is great so I am sure sure I would like anything, and everything.

  67. 1. I would choose the HP TouchSmart tx2z cause it looks very cool and versatile and the HP Pavilion p6180t for home!
    2. a mom blog that i LOVE is Pioneer Woman, she mixes in her daily adventures with lot’s of other interesting things like recipices, photographs, homeschooling advice, and so on. This website is one of my favorites!
    3. I retweeted :)

  68. A blog by a mom and a runner – Kristin Armstrong.
    Yes, the ex-wife of THE Lance.
    Her writings are very inspirational that link motherhood, running and spirituality in day to day life! Every entry is an absolute delight to read and gives me something to remember and incorporate in my life – although I am not even a mom. I look forward to her new blog entry every week – those five minutes are the highlight of my day.

  69. The parenting blog I suggest is tubaville.wordpress.com. It is written by the adoptive mother to three children from the foster care system.

  70. I hope noone else chose this blog to post about. I love this blog its a blog about a mom with a baby with special needs. Her son is gorgeous and its written from a special viewpoint. I have a child with special needs and I love to read about the wonderful things that can come from having to work a little harder, have a little more patience and taking the time to enjoy thru the hard work.


    Thats one of my favorites.

  71. My husband has asked me time and time again if we can purchase an HP comp. Here is my chance to make him smile.

    The two I’ve selected are:

    HP Pavilion Elite e9180t

    HP TouchSmart tx2z.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed!!!

  72. my combo set of choice would be the HP HDX 18t Premium series because of the home theater audio and i would get a desk top, the HP Pavilion Elite e9180t series because it has entertainment software.

  73. My companion set would be the 2730p EliteBook Tablet pc as my daily mobile laptop and the HDX 16t (with a TV tuner and Blu-ray) as my desktop/Media Center pc

  74. I would choose the HP HDX 18t Premium and the HP Pavilion Elite e9180t as a companion computer set please. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this great competition!

  75. My ideal combo pack would include the following:

    ** HP HDX 18t Premium
    ** HP Pavilion dv7t

    Thanks so much!

  76. Select Your Own HP Companions:
    I’m torn – No question about the first of the companions, but I really should go with a lightweight traveller for the second – BUT right now my needs are all about horsepower and performance, sooo since we are dreaming…
    My companions are:
    HP HDX 18t Premium series Laptop and
    HP Pavilion Elite e9180t series Desktop

    Thanks for the opportunity!

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  78. For my Own HP Companions I would choose HP Pavilion Elite e9110t series so i can do my uni work on fast computer as i got a slow computer :( and HP Pavilion dv7t series

  79. I think I would choose the HP HDX 18t and the HP Mini 110 XP Edition (because my wife would use the Mini, and doesn’t like Linux).

  80. Easy enough, would select the HP TouchSmart IQ800t all in one and the HP HDX 16t Premium for my Notebook. Two excellent products to meet anyone’s needs.

  81. My kids were in awe at the sight of the HP TouchSmart, so I would pair the HP TouchSmart IQ800t all in one desktop for my family with The HP Mini 1099er Vivienne Tam Special Edition notebook for me, since I am a girly girl. I think that would make for a cute and highly functional companion bundle! ((wishful thinking))

  82. I follow and enjoy reading so many blogs but one of my very favorites is http://mommydaddyblog.com/, which follows the lives of Sheena, Greg and their infant son Jayden. Its pretty neat to read their updates and the baby’s milestones, photos and they have great family related reviews, too.

  83. 1. If price was not concern, I would probably stick with the mini 110 but opt for the HDX 18t as the main computer since it has full 1080p resolution.

    2. There is an indie music blog I visit at least once a day called http://www.Hearya.com. It’s written by a few guys, at least two of whom I think are fathers. There have been several occasions where they have written about taking their kids to concerts and meeting the bands they have in for sessions.

    3. Following you as @Trav_D and RT’ed about the contest.


  84. Well, if I had all the money in the world… I’d choose the HP Touchsmart IQ800t and the HP Mini 110 XP for on the go.

  85. HP TouchSmart tx2z series and the HP Mini 110
    The mini looks great and easy to use, plus really light which counts alot to me.

  86. If I could pick my own companion set, I would select the HP Pavilion dv2z (I love how light & thin it is!) and the HP Mini 110 (which is even lighter!) as my computer on the go.

  87. This would be amazing! I just started my own small business *and* enrolled in college for the first time…and I’m 26 years old. So I’m super nervous about both things, but also really excited. This package would be a HUGE help. Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway!

    Bundle I would love from HP: HP TouchSmart tx2z series, HP Mini 110 XP edition series.

  88. My alternative combination would be the HP TouchSmart tx2z for mobile computing and note-taking, and the HP HDX 16t for high-performance and at-home computing.

  89. I tweeted!
    I would choose the HP Pavilion Elite e9180t desktop computer, and the HP HDX 18t Premium Laptop to be my companions.

  90. I would pick HP touchsmart IQ 800t HP mini110XP

    mom blog site: mommaven on Twitter or themommaven.com on web

    I follow you on twitter & tweeted the contest twitter name is jbafaith


  91. Along with the HP Mini 110 Netbook, I would pick an HP Pavilion Elite e9180t with a 25″ Diagonal 16:9 Full HD Widescreen Monitor.

  92. I recommend http://mooshinindy.com/ blog.

    From her About page: “I like to write about motherhood, food, photography, humor, serious stuff, infertility, strong feelings towards my vacuum, my religion, working through depression and life in Indiana.”

  93. 1) My HP companions:
    I’d love the HP Pavilion dv6z Artist Edition 2 series since I don’t own a laptop and normally have to borrow one for a class I teach a few times a year. I’d pair that with the HP Pavilion p6180t series desktop computer which would make the perfect computer the entire family could use. I like that it has the ability to watch Blu-Ray discs; when the rest of the family hogs the tv here I usually pop a movie into our ancient desktop, hook up my headphones and watch a movie on my PC.
    .-= shel´s last blog ..The Flor I hope To Score =-.

  94. Regarding the bundle my two picks would be:

    HP Mini 110 XP Edition (I have a soft spot for XP, and would thoroughly enjoy having it as part of my portable netbook. I would use this extensively for around campus note-taking, researching, etc…)


    HP HDX 18t Premium (with a 4gb upgrade) (My laptop is probably 5-6 years old now, and has served its purpose well, and I’ve loved it… but honestly, it’s time to upgrade, and I’d like to get a top of the line machine to serve me another 5-6 years. I would use this extensively for schoolwork, music composition, and probably gaming since I’d then have the ability to do so ;) )

  95. I’d Pick the Hp HDX 18t as the big mothership computer & Have the Hp tx2 Touchsmart as the Portable Companion =D

  96. I’d go all out with the HP Pavilion Elite e9180t series as my desktop headquarters and would use the HP Mini 110 XP for classes and assignments on the go.

  97. If I’m putting together my dream system, the one I can’t begin to afford, I’d choose the HP HDX 18t Premium with 8GB DDR3 System Memory and the 660GB hard drive. The speed and power would enable my husband or I to use it for graphic design, plus we don’t have a blu-ray player, so it’d be awesome to have one in the computer.

    For the partner, I’d like the HP Mini 110 XP edition in Pink Chic or White Swirl. The portability would make it awesome for carrying on routine shopping expeditions so we can comparison shop while on the go.
    .-= Auriette´s last blog ..Goodbye, Magnolia =-.

  98. I travel quite a bit and I am addicted to the internet. I hate having to carry my personal laptop because it also contains personal info I wouldn’t want to love. I would love to have the HP Mini 110 to be able to have my fix of email and twitter without worrying about losing my big laptop. THe companion would be the HP Pavilion p6180t series desktop computer. I like having a desktop in the house especially for guests who need to acces the internet.
    .-= Carolyn G´s last blog ..WINNERS!! DOVE NutriumMoisture Body Wash =-.

  99. I can recommend a blog? Yay! My favorite dad blogger wouldn’t call himself that, but he blogs, and it usually involves his daughter, fatherhood, and products. In fact, I’d say he is the ultimate dad blogger, and he doesn’t even know it! James Lileks is an outstanding writer. Check him out here:

    .-= Spoodles´s last blog ..YoBaby Giveaway =-.

  100. I would choose the HP TouchSmart tx2z series for my travels, and for home the HP Pavilion Elite e9180t series, since I love to play games online and watch movies.

  101. My preferred combo would be two laptops with accelerated graphics capabilities. Luckily, the HP offers some great laptops:

    HP HDX 16t Platinum
    HP HDX 18t Platinum

    Both of these offer NVIDIA GeForce cards, which is crucial for my family, because we’re all gamers!

  102. My choice for a pair if the HP Touchsmart , that is just so cool, and so much more than a computer! And I would need something mobile so I would choose the HP Pavilion dv7t series. It has so much and can entertain you too.

    The blog I would choose (I checked and I didn’t see it mentioned here yet)
    The Science of Being Dad! by Adam Cashman. I am subscribed to his and his wifes blogs. His wifes is The Art of Being Mom just to let you know about it too.

    I tweeted: http://twitter.com/jenni104/status/3786157258

  103. #1 – my companions would be the HP TouchsmartIQ800t for home and an HP dv4t to be mobile. Thanks

  104. I like mochadad.blospot.com. He’s a really awesome guy. mochadad.com is also his website.

    If I could choose my HP computer “companions” I would choose HP HDX 18t Premium as my entertainment and home laptop (because of it’s large screen size, great designs and features) and for my travel laptop I would choose HP TouchSmart tx2z series because it’s quite compact, light and does everything a travel laptop needs. They’re both rather expensive but hey, it’s an “if” question!!

    @skuboi (for my tweet)

    I don’t have a blog… =[


  105. awesome giveaway! my picks —

    The HP HDX 18t series notebook looks & sounds great !

    companion —-

    HP Mini 110 XP edition in Pink Chic 9 yep ,that would make sure my Dear Hubby wouldnt steal it from me … lol :)

  106. I would select the HP HCX 16t Premium Series Notebook and the HP Pavilion Elite e9110t series Desk Top.

  107. I would choose the HP Touchsmart tx22 Series laptop and pair it with the HP Touchsmart 1Q500 t series desktop computer. Sounds like the perfect pair to me.

  108. I suggest the HP TouchSmart tx2z as the travel notebook and the HP Pavilion Elite e9180t computer for at home. The Hp touchsmart tx2z is an awesome computer, and the touchscreen would be great for note taking. And man, the power of the elite 9190t, I could render videos all day long with that. And probably play games at the same time too.
    To bad ill never be able to afford that, oh well, I guess i can dream.

  109. Hi

    I just think we need two mini HP units, we both do work on the go, that is my husband and myself and it all intenet related. A small agile device is where it’s at.



  110. For my dream choices I would get an HP TouchSmart tx2z for a laptop, because it has a pivoting screen, for taking to the coffee shop. I always like to have a desktop too, so I’d choose the HP TouchSmart IQ800t with the largest monitor screen I could get!

  111. With this super giveaway I hope my little comment doesn’t get lost. We don’t have a laptop just a shared stand alone PC. We like the HP Mini 110XP & the HP Touch Smart IQ500t. Thanks for a super opportunity! senekers@comcast.net

  112. I think I would combine the HP TouchSmart tx2z series- because I like the look and screen size and the configurations on this one-with the mini 110 offered which would be great for taking my work everywhere I go.

  113. I would love to have HP HDX 18t premium series notebook & the HP Mini 110 xp edition series. Power & Portable. :)

  114. Need a computer to go and that would be the
    HP Mini 110 Netbook (Intel Atom 270, 1GB RAM, 10.1? display (1024 x 576 pixels), 160GB SATA HDD, 6 cell battery.

    Light and portable, powerful enough and practical.

  115. 1) I would have to pick:
    HP HDX 18t Premium series (laptop) b/c it has everything I need in the performance and entertainment sections. I need a laptop that can go the distance and with the HD screen/Blu-Ray player even my husband would be happy.
    HP TouchSmart IQ800t series (desktop) b/c it is slim and eye-catching. I am all about looks when it comes to a desktop and this has it. Everything is in the monitor which would free up a lot of desk space, which is what I need when working on school work and having lots of room when I have to bring things home from the office to work on.

  116. Entry 1:

    HP offers so many really state of the art desktop computers and laptops I can honestly say I would be thrilled with any one or two of them! Since our children are at the age where they are wanting to use the computers I find that HP offers such a wonderful selection for people of all ages and skill levels. After browsing around the HP sites and reading the features and specs of the computers here are my choices:

    1. The HP TouchSmart IQ800t – This is the creme de la creme of a desktop computer that the entire family can benefit from using and can serve a multitude of purposes for our children as well as my husband and I. It offers all the features and bells and whistles that we could possibly wish for and dream of!

    2. Oooh, the TouchSmart tx2z Ultra-Portable is just genius! This truly is a dream machine and the most efficient and versatile laptop I have seen to date. It offers so many unique features that are the latest and greatest in innovation and I would love, love to own this.

    I want to thank you so much for the wonderful chance to enter.

  117. I would go with the Mini 110XP for its larger hard drive and for the TouchSmart IQ800t for its multi-functional capabilities and large screen size when used as a TV monitor

  118. I would choose the HP TouchSmart IQ800t and also the HP Mini 110 xp edition series. These are just amazing.

  119. You’ve been blogged!


    via daddyforever.com

    Engage with HP & enter to win a marvelous pair of back to school notebooks- or, more correclty, a notebook & a netbook, specifically:
    HP DV6 Laptop, a HP Mini 110 Netbook, and a Timbuk2 notebook bag.

    Enter via this link, at self-proclaimed “geek dad blog” Daddy Forever: http://daddyforever.com/2009/09/02/hp-laptops-notebook/#

    What would you be able to even better with this rugged roadworthy pair of technology workhorses? Untethered, you can roam at will but still stay in touch with the Twittering, Stumbling, Facebooking, what is happening now newsing, trending, gaming, emailing, I Can Haz Cheezeburgering ever changing net as you go…
    more at http://jooled.posterous.com/hp-notebooks-giveaway-daddy-forever-0

  120. I would choose the HP Pavilion dv7t series notebook and the HP TouchSmart IQ800t series as my personal companion set.

  121. For my combo I would like the 110 MI edition, because it has great feedback and for my desktop I would love to have the Pavilion slimline s5150t, for the same reason!

  122. If I could chose any I wanted it would be the HP TouchSmart IQ846 Desktop PC and the HP HDX 18-1180us Entertainment Notebook. Thanks for the great giveaway!

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  123. #1: I’d choose the HP Pavilion dv4t series notebook and the HP Pavilion Elite e9150t series desktop.

  124. I’d choose the HP Pavilion dv4t series notebook and the HP Pavilion Elite e9150t series desktop. I need a new notebook for school. Really need a new computer. I love HP. Mine is six years old and could use a new one. LOL

  125. I like the HP Pavilion Elite e9180t series and the HP Pavillion dv6z Artist Edition 2 series. This would be perfect for my college homework and my graphic design hobby. Thank you

  126. I have never chosen a computer and I don’t really understand the features very well so this is really hard, but I think that I’d choose the DV6 and the HP TouchSmart IQ800t series with any upgrades available.

  127. I would choose the Mini 110 netbook and the HP Touchsmart tx2-1270us.

    A mom blog I would suggest is The Bean Blog. It’s about a mom “trying to stay sane while parenting five kids, working full-time and going college part-time.” http://www.thebeanblog.com/

  128. I would get this laptop HP HDX 18t Premium series and the mini 110 netbook. It would be great to have a little one to grab on the go.

  129. I would choose for my main computer, the HP Firebird (made by the VoodooPC devision of HP) and the NV4050NA Envy 133 notebook in orange

    if you dont count voodoo (which would be a shame, because they are amazing =])
    I would choose the Envy 133 and the HP TouchSmart IQ800t series

    Just so you know, if you haven’t heard of voodoo, it IS entirely a part of HP so those should count.

    Thanks for the great sweepstakes!

  130. A reliable portable HP Mini 110 Netbook and a HP HDX 18t Premium series is on my wish list. Thanks for the sweep.

  131. If I had a choice I would choose a bundle consisting of an HP Pavilliondv6z laptop and the HP Touch Smart 1Q800t series because this bundle would fit my computer needs.

  132. HP TouchSmart IQ500t series would be my main computer and the HP Mini 110 XP edition series in pink chic would be my laptop on the go.

  133. My perfect combo would be the HP Pavilion dv6z series and the HP TouchSmart IQ500t series. Thanks so much.

  134. I like the HP HDX 16t Premium series for my gaming needs and the HP Mini 110 XP edition series for my on the go computer. The mini would be great to take on a trip because it is so compact.

  135. Going thru 700+ entries would be futile to add a new mom/dad blog, but themomblogs.com is a DIRECTORY of “mom blogs”. Hope this counts as an entry.

  136. Don’t know which one I’d choose because I’m not that computer savy.. just know that I use my laptop all the time. Always looking for new websites and ideas. Can’t tweet….because I don’t understand twitter!

  137. My perfect companion set would include the HP Pavilion dv6z Artist Edition 2 and the HP Mini 110 Mi Edition. Twittering as Experfect.

  138. My bundle would be the HP Pavilion dv4t series (biggest screen for my 40 year old eyes) and the Mini 110, I would love to have a mini for taking on vacation. I don’t “have” to take a computer along with me on vacation but when I don’t my e-mail boy oh boy. Thanks for the opportunity.

  139. HP TouchSmart IQ800 and HP Mini 110 XP! I desparately need this for college, thank you so much for this awesome giveaway!

  140. I would definitely choose one from the HP TouchSmart tx2z series. I love the touch screen features, which is great for traveling, the fact that it has a built in webcam, great for keeping in touch with the family when on the go for business, love the swiveling screen. In fact, it is almost a perfect machine for folks on the go.

  141. I would choose the HP Touchsmart IQ800T Series All In One PC and for the notebook I would choose the HP Mini 110 XP. Great contest! Thanks for having it.

  142. I hope I picked right, here goes;
    HP TouchSmart IQ500t series & HP Pavillion dv3t series. My husband usually explains this stuff to me but since this would be a surprise I couldn’t ask him. Love this site. Thank you.

  143. I would choose the HP HDX 16t Premium Series Notebook and the HP Pavilion Elite e9110t Series desktop.

  144. I would choose a desktop – HP Pavillion Slimline S5110t Series and a laptop – HP Pavillion dv2z series.

  145. The companion set I would choose from the HP website are the:

    HP TouchSmart tx2z series – 12.1″ – 4.65 lb. with Windows Vista
    HP TouchSmart IQ800t series – 25.5″ widescreen