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Mattel XtractaursMattel is currently offering free access to their Xtractaurs.com online dinosaur games. Naturally, because Daddy Forever is the ultimate dad blog (no laughing please), Mattel wanted me to tell you dads and moms about the free offer. Xtractaurs are Mattel’s new Prehistoric Pets line of dinosaur action figures. With Xtractaurs, kids can use their dinosaur action figure to create their own hybrid dinosaur online. It seems like everyone these days are connecting their toys to the online world. By the time I have grandkids, play dates will be virtual — kids will just meet online for games.

Hybrid Dinosaurs
Mattel Xtractaurs - Dinosaur Prehistoric Pets

Normally, you need to purchase the Xtractaurs Starter Kit in order to create your own dinosaur on the Xtractaurs site. However, for a limited time, Mattel is letting people try out their new dinosaur game site without the starter kit (we don’t have the kit and was able to use the free access pass without any problems). Obviously, Mattel is hoping kids will love the games (in other words, Mattel wants moms and dads to buy the Xtractaurs Starter Kit and several other dinosaurs).

Creating a Xtractaur in the Hybrid Creator
Xtractaurs Hybrid Creator

The Xtractaurs Starter Kit contains a T-Rex dinosaur action figure, extraction tool, and installation CD. Kids can use the extraction tool to extract the dinosaur’s DNA and then download the DNA to a computer. Kids can mix and match DNA from 15 different dinosaur action figures to customize their virtual dinosaur’s attributes and fighting powers. Once created, kids can train their Xtractaur hybrid dinosaur in one of five arcade style games to gain skill and power, and ultimately take on the mighty Megavores (bad guys) in the online Battle Zone.

Xtractaur Battling Megavore
Xtractaurs Megavore Battles

My oldest son (age six) tried out the Xtractaurs web site. He’s not into dinosaurs, but he had fun creating his hybrid dinosaur. In our trial, we were limited to creating a dinosaur from a T-rex and Stegosaur. My guess is that the more Xtractaurs you purchase, the more DNA you have to play with. Even though the games are for kids aged six and up, a parent or an older sibling needs to be around to read the instructions for younger kids. It would be nice if there was an audio option for the instructions. My son also didn’t understand you should create a dinosaur to be as powerful as possible instead of as weird as possible. Oh well, at least he had a good laugh.

The free access is only good for a three-day trial. The length of the free access is a bit disappointing, but that’s better than no free trial at all. As I already said, you don’t need to purchase the Xtractaurs Start Kit to take advantage of the free trial. To access the online games for free:

  • Go to the Xtractaurs site
  • Click on the “new member” button
  • Select “no” when asked if you have the Xtractaurs Start Kit
  • Accept the “terms of use”
  • Select a user name and password, enter a parent’s email address for confirmation, then click on the “create my account” button

The Xtractaurs Starter Kit (wouldn’t it be nice if Mattel offered the kit as a giveaway prize?) is currently selling for about $20 at Amazon. Additional dinosaurs (Pteranodon, Triceratop, Stegosaurus, Utahraptor ) sell for $10 to $12.


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  1. I have the basic sets for my son so I will give them to him at X-MAS!!!!! (Its Jan 1!!!!! LOLZ!!!!!)

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