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My dad is the ultimate coupon clipper. When I was a kid, my dad would drag me to the grocery store with him. He would load up his shopping cart and then proceeded to the cash register. The cashier rang up the total and then my dad would pull out several billion coupons. Talk about embarrassing. It was bad enough I had to wear hand-me-downs from another family, but thanks to my dad’s coupons, I also had to stand at the checkout while everyone stared at us. I was certain they thought we were poor and had to clip coupons to get by. I vowed never to clip coupons when I grew up.

Now I’m all grown up and I find myself clipping coupons. I have to, but not because we’re poor (someone please tell my wife that just because we can’t afford a $1000 purse doesn’t mean we’re poor). Ten years ago, we were a double income family of two. Now, we’re a single income family of six. Kids are not cheap. Actually, four kids are kinda of expensive. In order to stretch our dollars, my wife and I use coupons, check the weekly grocery ads, buy used items at thrift stores, and sell ads on our kids’ foreheads.

I can’t believe my wife and I have become coupon clippers just like my dad. But we take it a step further. We also encourage our kids to use coupons. For instance, whenever my kids want to buy a book at full price, I tell them they could buy the book now for ten dollars or wait for a 40% off coupon at Borders and get the book for six dollars. But unlike me, my kids are not embarrassed about using coupons (yet?). Instead, they ask me if Borders has emailed me a 40% off coupon (I just wish they would stop asking me several times a day).

Below are three of my favorite places for online coupons. Feel free to share your sources for good coupons.


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  1. I love the idea of teaching our kids to be frugal and smart with their money. I question, however, the value of coupons, in my own life. Since the time I am spending clipping coupons could be used creating value. If, for instance, you earn $50/hour, every ten minutes of clipping costs you $8.33. I understand that for the very poor, coupons are valuable, and I dont want to discourage using them. But if you can better use your time creating value for yourself or others, I would suggest doing that – and just buy the book you want.

  2. You really must go to BlogHer; I came home with all KINDS of free groceries! I clip coupons, but only when they’re for at least 5o cents and do not tell me how many items I MUST buy. (I’m just stubborn like that.)
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  3. I think it’s great that you and your kids are aware of the concept at all. I use sales and coupons when they work easily. If the effort and energy outweigh the value of my time spent saving a few bucks that will be the breaking point for me and I’ll always side on my time over the savings. But it’s nice when they work together!

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  4. Heeeyyyy! I can now put ads on my kid’s head? Wow! I thought making them wear shirts with advertising all over it was good. You gotta point there. If I totally shave their heads, maybe they pay per space. You know what I mean?
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  5. I do love using coupons. And I feel very smug knowing that I got the item for $1.00 off. However, I forget to bring the coupons with me to the store half of the time. Then I feel bad about the stuff I have to buy that I had a great coupon for, I have to buy it for full price. Oh well!
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    1. i found a useful tip in one of my Parents magazine – use a small plastic photo brag book for your coupons. this way you can see what you have right away. i love it and i never forget a coupon now!

  6. I have to agree with Danielle. We don’t have stuff like this for groceries here. But we do have loyalty points where store will give you coupons, depending on points earned, to spend on all items in the store. You guys in the States have really great bargins!

  7. I Laughed in tears about this story upon reading the billing coupon .i recalled during my childhood days my grandma used to pay our grocery that the people behind us start to murmur in long row lines to wait for 30 mins. get intriguing but as a child i never mind counting billing coupons to give to the casher as i say loudly to count the billing coupons ! oh men..oh i’m a billing coupon monster i admit but sometimes if i have friends i wouldn’t tell them i bought or pay some goods from billing coupons specially foods. I remember my grandpa told me to keep all groceries bon or reciept one at the time we won for the coupon rapples..indeed we won TIDE bar for clotheds washing it was before a well known Detergent bars plus raffles with handy bag. coupon bills let as say a practical way to deal bargins and you SAVE as well.

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