Timbuk2 Hemlock Backpack


I received a Timbuk2 laptop bag for review. Actually it’s a laptop backpack and it’s HUGE. I could probably fit several laptops in the Timbuk2 Hemlock Backpack. If I cut out a couple holes at the bottom, I could also use it as a baby carrier.

I’ve never used a laptop carrier like this before. All my previous laptop bags were notebook-sized totes. They were barely large enough for a laptop and a few items.

What I like best about the Timbuk2 Hemlock Backpack is that I can use it as both a laptop carrier and diaper bag. With the laptop backpack, I have plenty of room for a gigantic laptop, diapers, baby wipes, snot remover, extra clothes, ear plugs, snacks, several bottles of aspirins, and a small baby sitter (don’t forget to make air holes).

The backpack has several other features that I like:

  • Beer Milk bottle holder
  • Padded and durable design with pee proof liner
  • Accessory loops for attaching gadgets, lightsabers, and baby bibs
  • A small hidden zipper pocket for storing keys and pacifiers
Timbuk2 Hemlock Backpack

With the Timbuk2 Hemlock Backpack, I feel like I should go on a spiritual journey with my notebook. And that’s when it’s most useful — going somewhere with your laptop while carrying everything from your closet. However, if you’re only going to the bus stop with just your notebook, then the laptop backpack will probably be way too big for your needs.

Below is a description from the Timbuk2 website.

A roll-top pack for dudes who want to look cool even while carrying way too much. A single internal compartment allows for loads of all shapes and sizes and Swing Around access makes it easy to dig for your laptop without taking off your pack. Roll-top feature allows you to stuff or compress as needed and a minimum amount of organization is included to keep you sane.


14 thoughts on “Timbuk2 Hemlock Backpack

  1. Hey I also get into a lot of trouble when I have to take my kids out along with the laptop. Carrying two bags and three kids is like going to a war. The Timbuk2 backpack seems like the ideal solution for dads like me.
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    – Josh

  2. Hubs used to own a Timbuk2 massenger bag – until I bag whore it! LOL! It is now MINE! Just simply LOVE it and it is kids proof. My kid has dragged it, try to tear it apart with hands and teeth (?!?) and we travelled with it all the time. Its still intact.

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