HP Pavilion dv2-1199 Laptop – Part 2


After playing with the HP Pavilion dv2 Notebook PC for the last few weeks, here are a few more thoughts that I didn’t mention in the first part of the HP dv2 laptop review.

  • One of the more useful things I’ve done with the HP dv2 is download information about food allergies and save the info to the hard drive. We found out a couple of weeks ago that our baby (Little Disney) is allergic to milk, eggs, and peanuts. By storing allergy information on the laptop, we have access to it when we’re at parties and restaurants. A lot of time, people (including my wife and I) just don’t know if a particular food item has milk, eggs, or peanuts in it.

  • The 12″ screen doesn’t seem so small when you’re using the laptop. After awhile, you get use to it and the screen feels much bigger than it really is. Part of that is because of the HP Pavilion dv2’s high resolution (1280 x 800). On the other hand, my 22″ desktop monitor seems like a big screen TV when I switch from the notebook to my desktop computer.

  • The HP Pavilion dv2-1199’s DVD drive plays DVDs better than my DVD player. Sometimes my DVD player has problems with scratches, dust, or complex animations. When that happens, I pop the movie into the notebook and the discs plays without any problems.

  • I’ve been using the notebook as a PDA when I’m on the road. Even though the HP dv2 is a lot bigger than my cell phone, I find the dv2 much more useful (I hate typing with the tiny PDA buttons)

  • The internal laptop speakers are not as good as the external speakers on my desktop, but they are better than the audio on the previous three laptops I’ve used.

  • Like most laptops, the keyboard is smaller than normal and it takes a little getting use to.

  • If you’re new to notebooks, the touchpad also takes getting use to. I actually prefer a wireless mouse with a wheel.

  • The dv2’s screen is brighter than my desktop’s monitor. Graphics also look sharper and more colorful.

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13 thoughts on “HP Pavilion dv2-1199 Laptop – Part 2

    1. Right now, my wife is the one that has to analyze all the food she eats because she breast feeds the baby. The doctor said the baby may eventually grow out of his allergies, but we won’t know for several years.

    1. About three months ago, he started breaking out in rashes. At first we thought it was just eczema, but then it kept getting worst. The doctor said the baby does have eczema, but he also had the baby tested. That’s when we found out he was allergic to eggs, milk, and peanuts.

  1. So sorry to hear about the allergies, those are no fun to work around but nice to find! Hopefully peace and balance will find you, especially in the pleasant baby and sleep department! :)

    Funny you should mention the screen size. Hubby took the plunge Friday and got a new Macbook. He went with the entry level 13″ and he says the same thing! There’s a lot to be said for mobility. :)

    .-= Holly Schwendiman´s last blog ..Potter Time Warp =-.

  2. It sounds so much easier taking that places verses a regular big laptop. Sounds so cool. My son had eczema when he was a baby. I never had him tested. Goodness, I wonder if he had allergies. I did switch him to Lactaid milk and it made a difference.
    .-= Virginia´s last blog ..Looking Back =-.

  3. Wow. It looks like you really enjoy the laptop. Great idea about cross referencing Disney’s allergies with different foods he may eat. I know that will help when he gets bigger. I still want my own laptop, though!
    .-= peepnroosmom´s last blog ..A perfect moment. =-.

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