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family of four

When I look at this photo, I see four cute kids. It’s my job to make sure they stay that way and not menace society when they grow up. Every day I’m forced to make decisions that will influence my kids for many years. Make a wrong decision and the kids start their journey to the Dark Side. So, what do you say when you’re eating ice cream and the kids ask if they could have that for breakfast too?


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    1. She’s cute, but she’s also a bully. She picks on her big brother a lot. Sometimes she taunts him. Other times she take his drawings. And sometimes she kicks her brother’s toys when he’s trying to play with them.

    1. I don’t usually eat breakfast so I didn’t actually eat ice cream for breakfast. However, the kids were eating breakfast at the time I was eating ice cream because I was hot. My bad.

  1. I would let them eat ice cream for breakfast. then when they come in the kitchen 30 minutes later because they’re hungry again, then give them the breakfast they should have eaten in the first place.
    (I let Roo have a popsicle for breakfast yesterday. Then he came in later wanting his cereal.)

    Read peepnroosmom´s recent blog post..I could learn alot from him.

  2. i will them, “anak i’m sorry, i know that i should not eat ice cream before anything else, this is junk and you should not eat junk food for breakfast, even lunch or dinner. after eating your meal you can have some ice cream …but not too much because it’s not good for your health.” a little bit strict? well, madadaan naman lahat sa mabuting usapan.

    btw, just read an excerpt of your blog in philippine daily inquirer.:)

    Read r&m’snanay´s recent blog post..Missed advice

      1. I’m a sucker too. I personally have a couch my kids can rough house on because I never got to. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t spoil them. My kids do their chores and help out. There are just some things I give grace too because I felt the original rule was dumb in the first place.

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