Links Roundup – 2009.06.19


I won a $100 Home Depot gift card from Idaho Dad. Yay! Now I have to hide it. Otherwise, my wife will spend it all before I can make it out to Home Depot. A while back, I also won a 16×20 poster from Kari. I’m on a roll. I should buy a lottery ticket.

I also won two awards — one from Chris and the other from elijahssong. I think the award is for the sexiest blogger alive or something like that. Take that Hugh Jackman. Thank you ladies for the awards.

It starts with you. It stays with him. is a campaign to end violence against women. White Ribbon Campaign and Le Centre ontarien de prĂ©vention des agressions are working together to raise a generation of men who respect women. The White Ribbon is a symbol of a man’s pledge to never commit, condone, or remain silent about violence against women. I’m glad my dad never hitted my mom. Otherwise, who knows what kind of man I would have grown up to become.

In the “Parents Gone Bad” files, we have two stories. First story is about a mom wanna-be. She used Craigslist to hook up with a pregnant woman. Then she killed the pregnant woman and cutted the baby out of the womb. The baby did not survive. In another story, a woman gave birth and then tossed her baby into a portable toilet. It’s not clear whether the baby boy died before or after being thrown in the toilet. scans and organizes receipts and business cards that users mail in. Shoeboxed converts piles of unorganized receipts and business cards into an organized, searchable, secure, and exportable digital archive of financial and contact information. The service might be worth looking into if you’re into filing away years of receipts. I have hundreds of receipts in my file cabinet that are no longer readable.

Gran Torino and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas are two movies I’ve seen recently. They are great movies and I highly recommend both of them. I give the DVDs three thumbs up.

Reminder: the Energizer charger giveaway ends June 24th and the dads and grads books giveaway ends June 30th.


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  1. I love the It Starts with You link. I, too, was a victim of domestic violence and I feel good knowing that there are people who care. One of the things I have been teaching my child is that he needs to respect women and treat them with care and love. No hitting. NEVER.

    Read Kay´s recent blog post..I love cuddling!

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