Energizer Rechargeable 15 Minute Charger Giveaway


Energizer Rechargeable 15 Minute ChargerWhen the folks over at Energizer contacted me about doing a review, I almost turned them down. After all, who really wants to write or read about battery chargers?

Luckily for me, I noticed the email mentioned Energizer has a 15 minute charger for review. That got me interested because I have two battery chargers and they both take over four hours to recharge two AA NiMH batteries. That’s a major frustration for me because my little Canon point and shoot camera can drain the batteries fairly quickly when I take a lot of flash shots. You can’t exactly ask people to wait another four to six hours to finish shooting photos.

The Energizer Rechargeable 15 Minute Charger arrived on Monday. The charger came with two 2200 mAh AA batteries, two 850mAh AAA batteries, and a car adapter. A CAR ADAPTER! How cool is that? Now I can charge my batteries on the go.

With the Energizer 15 minute charger, you can charge from one to four AA or AAA batteries simultaneously. According to the documentation, you can charge a 1700 mAh AA battery in 13 minutes (2200 mAh AA takes 15 minutes, 2450 mAh AA takes 18 minutes, and 850 mAh AAA takes 15 minutes). Note: even though batteries are ready for use in about 15 minutes, you should leave the batteries in the charger for an additional ten minutes to maximize performance. Twenty-five minutes is still much better than 4+ hours.

Now for the giveaway. The nice people at Energizer sent me two 15 minute chargers to give away. Leave a comment below to enter. The giveaway is limited to US addresses. No PO Boxes please. The deadline to enter is June 24th.


22 thoughts on “Energizer Rechargeable 15 Minute Charger Giveaway

  1. DITTO on the cannon P&S! I could really use that for my camera too. It really does SUCK the battery life out of any battery.

  2. xbox 360 wireless controllers eat AA batteries. How can I defeat the terrorists if my controller keeps dying? If I don’t win, then the terrorist win, and when the terrorist win, well lets just not find out.

  3. wow, befor I had my daughter, I never knew how many toys and kids items took batteries. I am burning through batteries like there is no tomorrow. I either need to get this charger or buy stock in Energizer for the amount I spend on batteries.

  4. Would love this for the same reason. It takes my charger 4 hours to charge, so I am always having to grab regular batteries to get the pics I want. Thanks!

  5. thats pretty awesome. i use a graphing calculator for school and there is nothing scarier than waking up to realize your calc is out of batteries when you need it that day… with a charger this quick, that would no longer be a heart attack in the making. good device, definitely need to pick one up!

  6. Yay! Those are the best things ever because we take so many pictures around here AND we have so many boys stuff around here that constantly demand more batteries. It’s crazy how much you end up paying for that toy over and over because of how many times you have to keep buying batteries for it. You can enter us! :D

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  7. Thats pretty neat they let you review the batteries and then give you 2 to give away. What a great promo.
    Bit a tree hugger here so please count me in. Its amazing in our subdivision how many people barelly recycle.
    Have a great day!

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  8. 25 minute charge time is great, especially since the batteries don’t last as long as the camera manuals say they will. I think for me the answer is this charger and an extra set of batteries. Thanks.

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