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On Saturday, Spiderboy turned six, the Little Princess turned nine, my wife turned twenty-something again, and I conquered Europe. We celebrated by going to the mall and then throwing a birthday party with a zillion well-behaved kids. Speaking of parties, can you guess from the photos below who invited everyone in their class to the birthday party and who didn’t invite anyone?

My son’s birthday presents
son's birthday presents

My daughter’s birthday presentsdaughter's birthday presents

I’m not sure what’s going on with my kids. Last October, the Little Princess invited everyone in her class to our Halloween party and Spiderboy didn’t invite anyone. Less than eight months later, my son invited everyone to the birthday party and my daughter didn’t invite anyone. Is nine the age when kids no longer want birthday parties?


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  1. Girls do start wanting their parties with only close friends around age 9, but they also start wanting more involved, expensive presents.
    But boys just want presents. They don’t care what or from who. Till they turn 13 or so, then they want the really expensive electronic toys.

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  2. Holy cow! Look at all the presents he got! LOL. That’s so funny how you had to celebrate birthdays all the same day. My kids all are exactly two weeks apart. So my daughter starts the birthdays, 2 weeks later, the next one, 2 weeks the next one, etc, all the way to the end. This next one is due 2 weeks after the last birthday and then my husband’s birthday comes after that. So we call it the “payday birthdays”. Every 2 week paycheck is another birthday. So weird!

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    1. Our Little Monkey’s birthday is in late August, which is a bad time for a party. It’s about a week before school starts again and most leave leave town the weekend of her party.

  3. I think my kids stopped having big parties around that age. At first I thought it was because they got sick of writing a ton of thank you cards for all of their gifts, but I now know it’s because they get choosier. Yes, both my daughter and my son have foregone having birthday parties now. It’s a blessing in many ways, not to mention to my bank account. As someone else mentioned, now instead of getting lots of inexpensive gifts, they get just one pricier one. My daughter got a new cell phone this year; my son got a Flip video camera.

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