Little Disney – Three Months


baby at three months

What a big difference a couple of months can make. After one month, I wanted to return Little Disney for a full refund (minus a 15% restocking fee). After three months, I want my wife to have 20 more babies. He’s that cute.

At three months, Little Disney no longer torments us by waking up every few minutes at night. He also cries in a demonic manner less often. Now, Little Disney can laugh and smile when he’s happy. By smile, I don’t mean one of those fake smiles people give their in-laws. When Little Disney smiles, he really means it.

Little Disney can also talk now. Not with real words, but by cooing. When I talk to him, he coos back at me. I’m going to give him the benefit of doubt and assume he’s saying nice things to me and not talking back at me like my other three kids.

On the down side, Little Disney is losing his hair and has really bad eczema. My wife blames the receding hairline on me because once I said it would be nice to have a bald baby. All our kids were born with lots of hair. I think it has something to do with my werewolf DNA.


42 thoughts on “Little Disney – Three Months

  1. All the babies in my family were born with full heads of hair. I didn’t realize that babies could be born bald! I found out later, of course, that bald babies are pretty much the norm around most parts.

    It’s been my experience that three months is when babies get to be in that “Gerber baby” stage. Before that, life is pretty much hell on earth with them. Little Disney is adorable. Are you sure he’s yours? *grin*

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  2. LOL!
    Great post…Yeah, they tend to get cuter when they quit waking us up every five minutes…Unfortunately my son still wakes me up quite often and he is 2…my little girl however has been sleeping through the night since a month…No figure..
    Great picture!

  3. Looks like a keeper! Does he say say Daddy yet :) So precious! My granddaughter is just 10 weeks old, and yes those smiles are real and worth everything that goes into their care. Amazing how well they can communitcate after just a few short weeks.

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