Mom Throws Kids Off Of Bridge


Over Memorial Weekend, a mom (Amanda Jo Stott-Smith) threw her two kids off of a bridge in the Portland area. The seven year old daughter is in serious condition, but is expected to survive. The four year old boy, however, died before he was rescued. The girl is actually very lucky to be alive. The bridge is about 75 feet high, it was one in the morning, and the river was barely above freezing. Lucky for her, a couple from a houseboat heard screaming and took their boat out to investigate.

According to the authorities, the mom forced her two young children off the Sellwood Bridge in an act of revenge against her estranged husband. The couple had been in a nasty custody battle over their kids. According to court records, the father was given temporary custody of the children and the mom was given visitation rights every other weekend. The mom wasn’t happy with the ruling so she tried to kill both of her kids. What is wrong with this woman?

Like all of you normal people out there, I would rather lose custody of my kids and have them live a long life. I would never choose to end the life of my children because I couldn’t bare the thought of losing them to someone else. Isn’t that what loving parents would do? I don’t understand how a mom could fight for custody of her children and then kill them.


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  1. I wrote a post several months ago – maybe a year ago – called Hell on Earth. It’s all about custody battles. Essentially, hell on earth – a slice of it – is the Oklahoma County Courthouse – Family Court. Not just Oklahoma County though – any county, anywhere. Family court is an utter nightmare. But, this woman clearly only wanted power over her ex, which is why she fought to have custody, and in the end, exercised ultimate power over their lives by ending them. I’m glad the 7-year-old survived, and God have mercy on her because she will have to live the rest of her life knowing her mother killed her brother and nearly killed her. Not to be coarse, but guess who’s getting custody now? Life without parole!!! Sorry you have to be in such close proximity to such grim news. When it happens in your own town, it seems to be more troublesome.

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    1. Not only was it sad, it was also stupid. The final custody decision had not been made. As you pointed out, the mom will never get custody now and in most likely, will also never see her daughter again.

  2. I almost cannot bear to read stories about things like this. So many people out there would give their left hand just to have children and look what this woman does. It goes to show that just because you CAN have children doesn’t mean you should. They should put her under the jail!

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  3. I cried in my car when I heard about this on the radio. This Woman is either certifiable or she is selfish. I cannot believe she did this. It is just horrific. The Children are innocent. I feel so badly for the Father. I just pray his little girl will recover 100%. This will be something she will never forget. I just cannot imagine. I hope Amanda rots in jail.

  4. There’s obviously something wrong with her thinking. She could have gotten revenge against her ex by taking off with the kids.

  5. I can’t even tell you how sad and heavy these kinds of news stories make my heart. It’s so unfair that so many fantastic people struggle Goliath sized mountains to have kids they desperately want while others pull crap like this. :(


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  6. It says a lot about the “fitness” of this woman to be a parent in the first place. I don’t understand that mentality, either. I have a friend who was getting squeezed continuous for more and more money from a vindictive ex-wife. She used their daughter as a bargaining tool to get more money out of my friend the dad. He eventually chose to walk away instead of having his daughter used like that. He had a good long talk with his daughter before he left so that she would try and understand that he didn’t walk away from her by choice.

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  7. so sad and pointless … same thing happened here in Melbourne about six months ago … the dad threw both kids off a big bridge into a river. Both drowned ….

    There is no sense or reason here – just hug our own kids more – le xoxo

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  8. dat is so true im surprised dat she didnt try 2 kill herself after she did dat 2 her kids i hope she feels bad 4 wat she did and she should get death row anyway if i ever meet her im gonna make her look like she got jumped by 25 people at da sametime

  9. That is so horrible! I was at this bridge yesterday at the boat place right next to it. And, That’s when someone told me about it. A passing car should of chucked her over the edge also. That’s horrible.

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