Superhero Birthday Card


Captain AmericaBatmanHuman Torch

Check out the superhero birthday card I created for my son. This year, the party will take place on June 13th, Spiderboy’s birthday (how lucky is that?).

For some bizarro reason, the Little Princess decided she didn’t want a party this year. As some of you know, my daughter was also born on June 13th. So this year, my son won’t have to share the party with his sister and her girly third grade friends (again, how lucky is that?). And when Spiderboy no longer wants a birthday party, my wife (also born June 13) will finally get to have a birthday party again — probably in the year 2022.

Here’s a question for you. If your kid got an invite like the one above, would you think the birthday party is a costume party?


17 thoughts on “Superhero Birthday Card

  1. You are so funny! I can’t believe all those bdays land on the same date. How weird! Our kids are kind of weird. First starts my daughters bday and then 2 weeks later another, 2 weeks another, 2 weeks… you get what I mean. All of my kids bdays are two weeks apart so we have straight birthdays every PAYDAY from July through October. I mean, how did the heck we do that?

    Okay, on to your question about he costumes. I don’t think they’ll confuse it. If they do, oh well, that’ll be funny!

    Oh, and to add… my kids are always peaceful either! Somedays they just fight all day. I finally make them sit on the couch and hold hands. That silences them pretty well. They hate that.

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  2. Yes I would think it’s a costume birthday party. But that’s OK. It would be so cute to see 10 little superheroes running around.
    Roo wore his Spiderman costume to Relay for Life this year. He got more attention than any other kid there. I think he thought the whole evening was just for him and all his cuteness!

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