Let The Teenager In


Someone help me. There’s a teenager in our house. And the teenager is not one of my kids. She’s my wife. It’s true. Ever since she saw Twilight, she devolved back into a teenager. My wife, who generally dislikes vampire movies, is obsessed with Twilight now. She purchased the Twilight box set at Costco and read them all in four days. Keep in mind my wife doesn’t like to read. That’s why she married me and specified in our marriage contract that I have to do her share of reading for her.

Now my wife, the teenager, frequently checks the Stephenie Meyer website and searches the Internet for the latest Twilight gossip. She also likes to talk to other people about Twilight. For instance, the other day my wife mentioned to the weirdo-in-law that the actor who played Edward will be nude in his next movie. Hello, I do nude scenes too. Off course, that was before the baby was born.

I like Twilight too (both the book and movie), but I think John Ajvide Lindqvist’s Let The Right One In is a better film (I have not read the book yet). Lindqvist’s vampire isn’t pretty and rich like Meyer’s and Ann Rice’s vampires, but Lindqvist’s vampire is more interesting and realistic. Let The Right One In didn’t have a feel good Hollywood ending like Twilight. It’s also a foreign language film so you have to watch the dubbed version or read subtitles. But after the movie was over, I found myself vested in the two main characters. Don’t get me wrong. If I was a vampire, I would like to be handsome and wealthy like Edward. But if vampires really did exist, I think my life as a vampire would be more like the one described in Let The Right One In.

Back to my teenaged, Twilight-obsessed wife. With my kids, I can expect six to seven teenage years from each of them. But I have no idea how long my wife will remain a teenager. Wait, there’s more. My wife has also infected the Little Princess. Now my eight year old is also into Twilight. Even my three year old daughter likes to talk about Edward and Bella. Someone help me please. There’s too much estrogen in the air.


29 thoughts on “Let The Teenager In

  1. Don’t worry, she will convert back. I was a teenager for a few weeks last year. Now it only happens about once a week or so. I also infected my kids but they were teenagers already.

  2. Great, my wife just saw that one. Let me know if you find an antidote. I don’t care for those kind of movies, I saw only a minute or two of it. ABSOLUTELY nothing appealing to me about it but may be I haven’t been bitten by a vampire yet.

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  3. Like, totally, she should, like, call me and we could, like, talk about Twilight together!
    I totally reverted back into a teenager when I was reading the books. Loved the books but not so much the movie. They tried to cram in too many details.

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  4. Hmmm, sounds like she has the same symptoms as me. Whenever I watch any movies that are related to teens, for some weird reason I start to revert back. LOL. I don’t know why! I’m 30 next month! It takes awhile for it to wear off. Unless I keep feeding teen movies into my brain.

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  5. LOL! 4 days of reading 4 books isn’t that bad… Was hooked for a few weeks last year… Think the effects are wearing off bit by bit now ;) That is unless I’m gonna read the entire 4 books again for the 8th or 9th time time around…

  6. I just read all four books in 6 days. The laundry piled up, and no one got dinner. My 13 year old daughter wanted to read the books so I felt I HAD to read them first to check them out. We are both hooked. My poor husband doesn’t understand either. Hang in there. I’m sure she will be back to “normal” in no time.


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