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New Dora the Explorer for TweensWhen Mattel and Nickelodeon revealed a silhouette of the new Dora in March, many parents were upset. Unlike the old Dora, the new Dora is aimed at girls from five to tween. Many parents thought the older Dora was a sexed-up version of the younger Dora.

Hello. Has anyone noticed how women are drawn in comic books? The girls in comics make the new Dora look like a prude. I know, comic books are targeted at older kids, but the graphics at the bottom is an example of the type of comics my five year old son checks out from the kids section at the library.

Funny thing is, I didn’t notice how curvy the women superheroes were drawn when I was a kid. All I cared about was the guys’ super powers and their super cool costumes. I think I must have been gay when I was a boy.

sexy superheroes

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  1. you’re right the drawings in comic books are too sexy for kid’s viewing, i wouldn’t want my five-year old reading comics like that! funny saying that you must have been gay then! :-)

  2. Funny! I always wanted to be Wonder Woman when i was little.
    And I think whoever came up with the new and improved sexy Dora should be strung up by their toenails. Little girls have enough sex shoved in their faces as it is. OK now stepping down off of the soap box……

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  3. hee hee hee me and my other super moms alwasy look like that on a friday nite as we head down the dungeon for a frolic with the other fettish fiends … opps sorry back to reality now …. le

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  4. We get a game magazine with some comics in it delivered to our house every month. Before the boys can touch it, I tear out the pages where the comic girls look like that. They don’t mind. The other day I heard my 7 year old tearing out a page. I asked him what he was doing and he said that he thought one of the pages was inappropriate. “Awesome, Ryan”!

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  5. You would have to be sick to find Dora even attractive. And men are depicted as just as ‘exploitive’ as women in comics, it’s just everyone kicks up a bigger fuss.

  6. Am I the only one who missed Freud’s Latent Phase? (I think Freud was a little crazy, but he’d think that I am, since he believes himself.) I remember being attracted to women from around 3 and not stopping, though I now seem more subdued than most guys my age (and a couple decades older… and younger than me). Due to all of this, I find little kids who believe in cootie germs to be the funniest thing. I still like to joke about it today.

    I think one can’t be sure of what the silhouette depicts, so becoming upset is ridiculous. I know that it’s revealed by the time I’m writing this comment, but before I saw her, I was thinking, “For all we know, that’s not a miniskirt and bare legs. Maybe she’s wearing pants under it like all those trends, or maybe it’s a long shirt.”

  7. Whats The Name Of The One In The Middle.?!?! Not The One With The Hat The Other One.! With Golden Cloeth.!?!?!?!

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