Swine Flu and The Mask of Skull


First there was the West Nile virus. Then the bird flu. Now it’s the swine flu. Next, it’ll be the Klingon flu. It’s one epidemic after another. Obviously, I don’t have enough to worry about with four little ones in the house. And of course, kids alway wash their hands with soap and never stick their hands in their mouths.

I see in the news that there’s a run on face masks because people are afraid of catching the swine flu from other people. I find this interesting because back in the 90’s, I a spent a week in Japan on a modeling assignment. OK, it might have been a geeky software project. Anyhow, while I was strutting in Tokyo, I noticed some people wore face masks. When I asked about it, I was told they wore the masks because they were sick and they didn’t want to get anyone else sick. Isn’t that amazing? It’s the exact opposite over here in the states. We wear face masks to avoid catching germs from other people. Who cares if we get other people sick. Let’s share the misery.

Speaking of masks, if I was to wear a face mask in public, I would wear one designed by Yorika Yoshida. Like her skull face mask:

Yorika Yoshida skull face mask

16 thoughts on “Swine Flu and The Mask of Skull

  1. That mask is awful. No one is wearing them here! In fact I have never seen anyone wear a mask here. I just don’t get why everyone is panicking about this flu…. hell thousands of people die from the flu every year… and there is no panic about it. It’s just life.

    Read Chris H´s recent blog post..STAGE 2….

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