Star Trek – The Diaper Generation


The new Star Trek movie is coming out this week. Finally. It’s been seven million years since the last Star Trek movie. I’m a big time Star Trek fan, but my kids are not exactly Trekkers. How can you not like a universe with warp drives, transporters, halo decks, Q, and the Borg? There’s obviously something wrong with my kids. Hello kids. There’s more to sci-fi than lightsabers.

Speaking of Star Trek, sometimes I feel like my life is like a Star Trek adventure. Everyday I find myself in dangerous situations and I’m forced to make difficult decisions. Make the wrong decision and my little universe implodes. BTW, here’s my version of the Star Trek prologue:

Parenting…the Ultimate Mental Challenge. These are the struggles of the USS Diaper Genie. Its 18-year mission: to raise strange life forms, to seek out intelligence and good behavior, to boldly go where no parents has survived before.


21 thoughts on “Star Trek – The Diaper Generation

  1. I grew up watching the original Trek thanks to my mom, but my wife is more of a TNG fan. So she’d rather watch Wolverine instead. I think I married the perfect woman.

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  2. My husband is slowly turning Roo into a Trekkie. They sit and watch the “Space movies” all the time. I don’t really get Star Trek, but I do love the Star Wars movies.

  3. I’ve got my popcorn ready and my MilkDuds in stashed in my pockets. Gonna catch an afternoon showing on Mother’s Day. The wife will be with the daughters for the day. Yahooo….

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  4. My mom always had Star Trek on at night when I was a kid (and MASH). I’ve tried turning it on for my boys, but they don’t care for it. Only Star Wars for them.

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  5. My husband can’t get the whole Trek thing… May be its too “confusing” for him? Love Star Trek as a kid even more now! Live long and prosper DF!

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