BufferZone Giveaway Winner


I forgot to mention last week that one of the things I like most about BufferZone Pro is that I don’t need to download signature updates (ie – anti-virus software). Even better is that I don’t have to pay an additional annual fee for a virus protection subscription.

Before I announce the winner of the BufferZone Pro Giveaway, I want to mention a discount code for 50% off BufferZone: BZ008SG (the code is valid until May 5, 2009).

The winner of the BufferZone Giveaway is Mike the cigar dude over at Unraveling Life’s Mysteries.

On another note, stay tune for my Mother’s Day Giveaway next week.


4 thoughts on “BufferZone Giveaway Winner

  1. I love these discount codes. The one from Pro Flowers was terrific. It actually covered the entire cost of everything.

    How are your ads going? I’ve made about $100 so far, but the image ads were so ugly, periodically, I take them donw. I’m still not sure I wante to monetize. =0 But, you’ve done a nice job with your ads. They blend in and I still look at them!

    Read jenx67´s recent blog post..Label Cloud for Blogger

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