Trouble Times Three


You know the saying, “a camera adds a million pounds to your body?” I’m not sure if that’s true, but I’m fairly certain a camera makes your kids look cuter than they really are. See the photo of my kids below? Don’t they look cute? Don’t let the photo fool you. They are Trouble with a capital #!**#^!!. They test my parenting skills every day.

my three kids - Daddy Forever

35 thoughts on “Trouble Times Three

  1. Ya but I am sure no matter how much trouble they cause I bet you wouldn’t trade them for the world! Besides if they didn’t stir things up a little there wouldn’t be anything worth posting on our blogs.

    Read orlund´s recent blog post..Saying Goodbye

  2. They are so precious, surely no trouble at all the litte darlings :) they just keep life interesting is all, and a bit exhausting maybe, but hey going to bed tired beats not be able to sleep at night!

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