The Sun is Crushing My Blog


We finally got several days of nice, warm weather. A couple of weeks ago, we got our first 70 degrees day. Today, we got our first 80 degrees day. When it’s nice out, I find it hard to work or blog. I stare out the window, take long lunches, and run around naked outside. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we get ten months of rain and gloom. When the sun finally awakes from hibernation, we Oregonians head outdoors and we become unproductive until the rain returns. Today, I even blew off work and walked to the library with the Little Monkey.

So, here’s my question for the day: How do you blog when it’s nice outside?

my three-year old daughter

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  1. OK i figured out why my comments were not showing up for a week or so. I needed to uncheck the “comment luv” button. weird. What is “comment luv” anyway?

    1. Comment Luv just adds a link to your most recent post. I’m not sure why your comments were not showing up, but I don’t think Comment Luv is the problem.

  2. I blog about how nice it is outside. I’d most likely take pictures of how it looks outside. I’d blog of the things I want to do outside then after blogging, go and do it. =)

    Then i go back home and blog what I did. Lol.

  3. I thought of getting some voice recognition software for my laptop and going outside. But then I figured that the neighborhood cats, dogs and fighting children would probably make for a strange post.

    Maybe one day we could hook something up to our brain that would read are thoughts…wait…I don’t think that’s such a good idea either!

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  4. I blog from Chicago so I have no idea what you mean by “Nice Outside” occasionally the weather will spike followed by snow, rain, hail. Like yesterday.

    It’s about 30 right now and thursday is supposed to be 80. The shock may be too much for me.

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  5. Blogging early in the morning or late in the evening for me. some are done in advance and just to post when I dont have enough time. Temps here have been in the mid 90s which we dont usually see until August so it was too hot to do much of anything but track down the cool spot

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