My Little Einstein


I’m not sure if other geek dads have tried this, but my plan is to turn my daughter into a geek. If I accomplish my goal, the Little Princess won’t go on her first date until after she finishes her graduate work at MIT.

my little Einstein

20 thoughts on “My Little Einstein

  1. You and my geek husband have a lot in common! Our daughter is glued to anything that has a screen and has a hugh crush on my laptop. She talks to it.


    Your daughter is beautiful!

  2. Shes’ very pretty, and will get plenty of attention. Start programming her now that she doesn’t want to marry until she’s gotten her degree, but make her think it’s her idea ;) if you want it to work. It is possible to raise kids with values, and helps if their friends have them too, so insist on the women’s dorm! Just tell her putting off romance will enable her to get the kind of job that will allow her to buy any electronic equipment she could possible want LOL. Good luck dad!

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