My Heart Belongs in a Diaper Genie


The Little Monkey isn’t jealous of Little Disney, but she misses mommy at night. Mommy use to sleep with the Little Monkey. Now mommy sleeps with the bobblehead. Every night now, the Little Monkey cries and screams. One night, my little girl even told me she didn’t want me. Then she threatened to poke out my eyes, suck out my brain, and cram my heart in the Diaper Genie. Dads live for moments like these. Enterprise, one to beam up.

three year old girl praying
Please God – put baby back inside mommy


36 thoughts on “My Heart Belongs in a Diaper Genie

    1. Nope, we don’t have enough love for all the kids. Plus the baby wakes up and cries every couple of hours. That would wake up Little Monkey and it’s a pain to tuck her back in.

  1. Poor kid. Doesn’t she know she’s been replaced? :p

    Hey, I asked my parents to throw my brother into the garbage can. In retrospect, I’m glad they didn’t. This way, he saved me from half the dysfunctional parenting. Plus there’s nothing like having a true comrade to discuss how bad Mom and Dad are. LOL

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      1. There is nothing wrong with my blog. I am changing over from GoDaddy back to BlogSpot. However I am going to have to change my name. I have a forwarding order attached to my BlogSpot account that automatically sends the reader to GoDaddy which isn’t there any more. It is driving me a little crazy since I don’t understand computers. As soon as I get my new home situated i will let you know the new name. Thanks for asking, though.

  2. Awwwww poor daddy. Adjustments are so inconvenient…maybe you need a borg mentality? She will adapt….Hope you survive! I’d settle for one of their regeneration stations myself.


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    1. Reminds me of the time we left my son alone with the Little Monkey when she was just a baby. We were out of the room for just a moment. When we came back, our son was sitting on the baby.

  3. It is very hard to get used to being a big sis from being the baby for quite some time. I used to resent my twin brothers when they were born 8 years after I was born. Lol.

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  4. Hahahaha… at least she didn’t try to kill baby – unlike me! LOL! Poured half the bottle of medicated oil (some chinese stuff) all over my 3 month old baby sister when I was about 2! Mom just turned around to answer the phone…. Good thing our neighbour had a car to get them to the ER… :p

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