How to Make a Fun Video


I made the Hawaii 5-0 video below from several movie clips I took in the Fall of 2007. To make the video more interesting, I added a soundtrack. Read below for step-by-step instructions on how to make fun videos.

How to Make a Cool Video

Microsoft Windows Movie MakerMaking a fun video is actually fairly easy. I’m on a Microsoft Windows system, so I used a program called Movie Maker. It’s free and should have been pre-installed on your pc at the factory. To make a fun movie, launch Windows Movie Maker and follow the steps below. [Note: the screenshots are from a Vista pc and may look different with XP]

Importing Video Clips

(1) Click on “Videos” (under Tasks, Import)

importing video in Microsoft Windows Movie Maker

(2) Locate your video clip and then click on “Import”
(3) Repeat Steps 1 and 2 if you want to use multiple movie clips

Trimming Movie Clips
If you are like me, you will want to remove portions of a video clip. To remove a portion of your video clip, follow these steps:

(4) With the mouse, select the clip you want to edit
(5) Click the play button under the video screen
(6) Hit pause at the point you want to trim the video
(7) Click on the “Split” icon to the right of the Play button (Movie Maker will break the clip into two parts)
(8) Select the clip you don’t want and press the “delete” button on your keyboard
[trimming movie clips in Movie Maker does not alter the original video files]

splitting video in Microsoft Windows Movie Maker

Making the Movie

(9) Drag the movie clips into the Video Timeline at the bottom of the screen. You can easily reorder the clips by dragging them to different parts of the timeline.

Microsoft Windows Movie Maker timeline

Adding Images
I like to add a static image at the end of my videos. To add a static image:

(10) Click on “Picture” (under Tasks, Import)

importing image in Microsoft Windows Movie Maker

(11) Locate your photo and then click “Import”
(12) Drag the image to the desire location on the timeline
(13) To increase or decrease the display time, drag the right border of the image in the timeline

Adding Transitions
With Movie Maker, you can easily add transition effects between movie clips. In my video, I only added a “Fan, In” transition before the static image at the end of the movie.

(14) To add a transition, drag the desired transition between two clips on the Video Timeline

adding transition in Microsoft Windows Movie Maker

Adding a Sound Track

(15) Click on “Audio or Music” (under Tasks, Import)
(16) Locate your audio clip and then click “Import”

importing audio in Microsoft Windows Movie Maker

(17) Drag the sound clip to the Audio/Music Timeline (below Video Timeline)
(18) If needed, shorten the soundtrack by dragging the right border of the audio clip to the left
(19) Right click on the soundtrack in the timeline and select “Fade Out”
(20) Mute the audio of the video clips by right clicking each clip and selecting “mute” (otherwise you’ll hear the original audio from the video you recorded)

adjusting soundtrack in Microsoft Windows Movie Maker

Exporting the Movie
To save the video:

(21) Click “This computer” (under Publish to)
(22) Enter file name and change location if needed
(23) Select “Best Quality for playback on my computer” (you can also experiment with different formats)

exporting video in Microsoft Windows Movie Maker

That’s it. It took me longer to write this up than it took me to make the Hawaii 5-0 video.


17 thoughts on “How to Make a Fun Video

  1. So fun! I love making fun things on the computer. My Mac conversion has been far less painful than I was expecting, especially for things like this. I think your tutorial is great for Windows users though and it’s fun to see what you’ve been up to when you’re not walking the floors with the new one. :)


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  2. i just ran screaming out of the room. i tend to have a technical leanings, but for some reason, video has always been something i’ve resisted. but, now that you’ve put it out there, i’m going to have to try.

    have you heard of

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