Nake Baby – Day Seven


Little Disney can open both eyes now and follow movement. He still cries a lot, but not as often as the first few days. It must be very strange for him to go from a life of darkness to a world of light.

newborn on day seven

32 thoughts on “Nake Baby – Day Seven

  1. LOL Little Disney! What a cutie!! How did you special-order children with hair at birth? Most of mine had to wear baby hats for the first year or so. :]

    He’s only seven days old?? Wow.

    Um… I’m looking over to the left at your “find a job” ad. It says “e.g., gigolo.” Did you program your ads to be snarky like that or did it search your site to find out your past job experiences LOL!??

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    1. Oh, you noticed. I put that in there in to be funny. Obviously, I’m not a gigolo.

      Don’t know why, but all of our kids were born with hair. I kinda wish one of our babies was born bald.

      1. The hair must be an Asian thing. Both my kids and all my nieces and nephews, as well as my sisters and me, were born with tons of hair. My daughter’s hair was so long, you could see it floating in the ultrasound. She got her first haircut at age 4 months.

  2. ~*~*Wow, Congratulations!!~*~*

    Four children, eh? We’re going to Disney on March 26th. Now I’m having second thoughts, LOL. I guess it really is the Magic Kingdom!

    My kids didn’t have that much hair until they were 2 ;)

    Congrats again!

  3. so so sos sosososos well done !! go mommy forever and daddy – woow weee – how are the sisters and wee bro going with all this …. our thoughts are with you during this oh so precious time le xoxoxo

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  4. So much cute ! Can I kiss tiny Disney, I was searching for a baby directory to collect some cutest baby pics and luckily found Disney here, Adorable and Innocent……….

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