The Adventure of Birth


It’s been almost nine months since that magical night at Disneyland. Now I’m a daddy to our fourth and last child. It seems like we have come full circle. Our last child was born the exact same weight and length as our first child: 9 pounds, 0 oz and 20 1/2″. If Little Disney wasn’t born ten days early, he would have been too big. And he would been stuck. Thank goodness for my wife’s sake, Little Disney was born early.

My thoughts about our latest birth:

  • We were lucky with our first three children — the trip to the hospital occurred during daytime. This was the first time we had to go when we’re normally dreaming about life without kids (3 am).

  • Judging from the amount of pain my wife was experiencing during the drive, I thought I might have to pull over and deliver the baby myself. I could just see the news headline. Hitchhiking leprechaun helps dad deliver baby. News at eleven.

  • Apparently, an actress from Grey’s Anatomy was filling in for the triage nurse. During the examination, the nurse told us she couldn’t find the cervix. What the heck?

  • Did you know an anesthesiologist can prolong the pleasure of labor for hours by injecting you with too much epidural? That’s what happened with Mommy Forever. Oddly, the same thing happened when she was in labor with the Little Monkey. It’s a good thing my wife enjoys a long labor. Otherwise, we would be upset with the ordeal.

  • Any dad out there ever had a daydream involving a baseball glove during delivery? You know, the one where your wife is ready to give birth and there are no doctors or nurses around. The baby shoots out and you make a diving catch with the glove you brought for just this type of emergency.

  • What’s the deal with all the rain gear the doctor was wearing? She also wore a face shield. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought she was going to weld a ship out at sea.

  • Any dad out there ever said “oops” right after cutting the umbilical cord? Just asking.

  • Our baby has boy parts. There is no doubt he is a boy. But that didn’t stop the hospital staff from listing the baby as a girl in some of the paper work — including the birth certificate. If we didn’t catch the error, we could have drove home with a baby girl that would have needed a lot of therapy with a shrink.


19 thoughts on “The Adventure of Birth

  1. It’s scary just how often the paperwork is done wrong. I’ve got four boys, and two of them had “female” on their birth certificates. And when they sent the information on our youngest to the pediatrician they only bothered writing half his first name. Really.

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  2. Oh the joys of mediocrity in the employment arena eh? The legal paperwork on my daughter’s adoption finalization switched back and forth between referencing her from a female to male.

    I’m just glad your new addition is here safe and sound. I look forward to all your new adventure updates. :)


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  3. He is so sweet! Our 4th baby was the easiest, and sweetest;o)

    You won the 16×20 photo poster print giveaway over at my blog. I need to get your email address so that you can get details for claiming your prize – can you email me? Thanks!

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  4. First off – congratulations on the birth of your baby boy! Though I really doubt that mom relishes long labor. I can’t believe how incompetent the hospital sounds… wait I CAN believe it; but it makes me sad none the less.

  5. Yes, I do know that epidural labor thing. What’s even more fun is when they overdose your spinal, causing you to become paralyzed from the neck down. Did you know that when you’re paralyzed, you can’t breathe? I found that out the hard way….thanks for the memories! (Glad they’re behind me!)

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