Bella B Maternity Giveaway Winner


The winner of the Bella B Maternity Giveaway is Courtney Stevens. Congratulations! Courtney picked the Rouched Tank as her favorite shirt.

Rouched Tank - Bella B Maternity

6 thoughts on “Bella B Maternity Giveaway Winner

  1. Scott from here – I’m one of the authors of “Call Me Dad!” a practical guide for expectant / new fathers. We believe our book is a unique take on parenting from a male perspective – it’s practical, to-the-point and funny. It’s just a great read and makes for a perfect gift for all dads-to-be.
    The book is sold by offline and online resellers but we are also selling it directly on our website and we offer a commission of $2.50 per sale for other sites who link to our site. We thought your site has a good fit with our target audience and so I was wondering whether you’d be interested in joining our affiliate programme (
    Best wishes, Scott

  2. i think the book mentioned above would be a wonderful addition to bella b mat. I have been following bella for awhile although i’m just now pregnant – but my father to-be needs a good, funny book that he can relate to, which i’m hoping is this one. i love bella xo xo xo

    with tons of love
    ~ Melissa

    P.S. did you model the bella site yourself?

    1. Not sure if you’re talking to me Melissa..? But I do model some of the things for Bella! I actually have a life long career in modeling so when I started the business it made sense to model the stuff myself, with the help of some other gorgeous models!

      I’m glad to hear that you like Bella because we LOVE what we do and our ultimate goal is to portray that to our customers! And make sure to always check back with us because we constantly update and create new products… I’m working on some adorable couture tutus, and sundresses at the moment ;)

      PS: A partner of mine has a great book (set of books) The Caveman’s Guide to Pregnancy, humorous and insightful! Congrats on the little one!!

      THANK YOU DADDY FOREVER for giving our products a voice on your blog!! We appreciate the opportunity, best of luck!

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