Looking for a Stud in All the Wrong Places


Take a look at the two stud finders below:

Zircon 63266 StudSensor EdgeZircon 62353 Multiscanner Pro Sl, Multifunction Wall Scanner

The Zircon StudSensor on the left is a basic stud finder that costs about $10. The Zircon Multiscanner on the right costs about $35. Guess what’s the difference between the two is?

Try $340.

Let me explain. The basic Zircon stud finder is OK for locating studs, but the Zircon Multiscanner can also identify metal pipes and electrical wires. Guess which one I used recently. That’s right, I used the basic version. It beeped to tell me I found a stud. I drilled a hole, but instead of making a 1/8″ hole in a stick of lumber, I punctured a hot water pipe. Did you know a million gallons of water can shoot out from an itty bitty hole? Even after I turned off the main water valve, water was still gushing out for over ten minutes.

There’s nothing like calling a plumber after hours for an emergency. For only an hour of work, he charged me an arm, a leg, and my left testicle. Ouch! I think I’m in the wrong business. Even in a recession, people still need plumbers (especially if you don’t know how to weld). BTW, did you know that some companies are still charging an energy surcharge fee even though gas prices has dropped by half since last year? It’s true, I see a $19 energy surcharge fee at the bottom of my $340 repair bill.

Wait, there’s more. Our digital converter remote has mysteriously disappeared. It was sitting on the window sill right next to the broken pipe. At first, we thought one of our kids took it, but they said they didn’t. We looked for the remote everywhere and it still has not shown up after several days. The repairman was nice so I don’t think he stole it. Plus, why would anyone want to steal a remote? I don’t have proof of this, but my male intuition is telling me the plumber probably knocked off the remote when he opened the windows during the welding phase. Then either the remote fell into his tool box or he accidentally put it in his tool box when he was getting ready to leave. Either way, I’m out $340, a remote, and my manliness.


22 thoughts on “Looking for a Stud in All the Wrong Places

  1. Ouch, sorry to hear about this.

    My mother and step father once had to call in someone to drain the septic tank after hours. All the toilets and drains backed up when my mother-in-law flushed the toilet. It was the first time my side of the family was meeting my husband’s side of the family the day before our wedding party (we eloped months earlier). So while we were getting ready to eat dinner, my stepfather starts yelling that there is shit everywhere. My husband, mother, and I ended up mopping poo water off the hard wood floors well into the night as the smell of two years worth of feces filled the air while the septic truck sucked it up with a huge hose. They also charged an arm and a leg, maybe a testicle.

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  2. OH MY GOSH!! That is terrible. My brother is a plumber. I’ll make sure he reads this and takes mercy on his clients!!!! If he were in Oregon he would have totally helped you. Like 240 instead of 340. Seriously, man. hahahahahaha

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    1. I don’t blame the plumber, I blame the company that sets the prices. The company knows the problem was something that couldn’t wait. Every time the kids tried to use the sink, more water would ooze out of the broken pipe.

  3. Crazy price!

    You know, I never would have suspected people hired to work in my home would steal, either, but once we had a few small electrical jobs to be done. They were located on different floors. I was upstairs with one of the fellows, went down to get something and saw that one of the other fellows had some of my jewelry sticking out of his toolbox. I didn’t say anything. I just took my jewelry out. What was he going to do, accuse me of stealing? I was too scared to say anything. I just acted like everything was fine and called the owner several days later to tell him why I wouldn’t be calling their company out again. I was still scared some renegade electrician would show up and get all mad or something, but thought the owner should know.

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  4. Oh no!!! I’ve never owned one but have needed one more times than I care to mention. Hubby and I still laugh about the pin cushion we made of our first home’s bathroom wall trying to hang a vanity mirror!


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    1. I was thinking the same thing last night when I was repairing the hole in the drywall. I had to another hole right next to the pipe in order to hole the drywall patch in place. Luckily, I didn’t drill into the pip again.

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