ProFlowers Giveaway Winners


The winners of the ProFlowers Giveaway Contest are: Desert Songbird, MamaJD, Jenx67, Trish, and Leslie.

Except for the Valentines Pageant, each entry in each category was assigned a number. The Little Princess selected the winning number(s) for each category. Note: the Little Princess didn’t know who the numbers belong to. I just told her she had to pick a number every 108 minutes. Otherwise, the world will blow up.

I will email the codes to the winners by tomorrow. The $70 off codes will expire March 1st. And don’t forget to factor in shipping ($10-15 per order).

For those of you who didn’t win, you can use the special ProFlowers link to get a 20% discount and a free vase. I’m not sure, but the 20% off link might also work for the winners too (in addition to the promotion code).


5 thoughts on “ProFlowers Giveaway Winners

  1. hello daddy – did Jenx67 win the post one – I hope so – it was completely moving and a big effort in sharing her heart :)

    thanks for being such a great lover of women in general :) le xoxo

    ps this is said as in a thoughtful, sweet way – not meaning you love women in a sleazy yuk way …. I don’t think I need to explain really – you are a good man :)

    Read le´s recent blog post..On Ya Coles Supermarkets … how very Aussie of you.

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