Chinese New Year Photos


The insane daddy in me wanted to take some photos of the kids in their Chinese outfits. How hard can that be? Kids love sitting still to have their pictures taken, right? Of course they do. Just like they like to clean up after themselves. It will be lots of fun. Right. It was so much fun that I gave up after ten minutes. The kids whooped me again.

The photo below was the best I could do. Not bad, but not great either.

The Forever kids - Chinese New Year

Below is my favorite Chinese New Year photo because my kids rarely hug each other like that. In their world, it’s against the law. The Little Monkey wasn’t in the photo because she was too busy growling at me off camera.

brother and sister hugging for Chinese New Year

Here’s a blooper photo. Looks like the Little Monkey is ready to turn into the Hulk. Or maybe she was just constipated.

my daughter growling during Chinese New Year

Another blooper. Ask the kids to smile and one of them will fall asleep while another one sticks out her tongue at me. I’m sure it’s a sign of respect.

my daughter sticking her tongue out for Chinese New Year

29 thoughts on “Chinese New Year Photos

  1. I love how you describe the experience. My kids are exactly the same way: it’s impossible to get all three of them sitting properly for one picture. I usually follow them around and wait for the right moment.

    I wish I had the answer :) Either way, this is a delightful shot. “Perfect” takes on many forms…and any photo that shows kids being kids is perfect in my book.

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  2. adorable! and the interior designer in me notices that lovely drapery in the back ground. “toile” i think they call it? we used to have some in the dining room when I was growing up and i always found it so soothing to find the scenes throughout it.

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