We Have a Scarlet Letter on Our Garbage Can


We’re having problems with the garbage company. Except when it snows, the garbage company hauls away our trash every week. And every week, they do something to annoy us.

Here’s the story. Every Friday, we place our garbage can on the sidewalk to the right of our driveway. We put it on the sidewalk because we’re one of those people who don’t like to knock over the garage can with the mini-van. Yeah, I know, we’re strange that way. The garbage truck comes, picks up our trash can with the mechanical arm, and empties the garbage into their truck. But instead of placing the can back on the sidewalk, the truck drives about 15 feet and then places the can out on the street and in front of our driveway. The can not only blocks our driveway, it also blocks the mail truck from delivering all those wonderful bills (the mail boxes for our block is located on the left side of our driveway).

Here’s the strange part. All the neighbors’ cans are placed back on the sidewalk where they were originally. Our trash can is the only one moved more than a foot or two. And it happens every week.

Another time, the driver placed a gigantic, red, warning sticker on the lid of our garbage can. Apparently, placing the garbage can, recycle container, and yard debris can within four feet of each other is too close for the truck’s mechanical arm. We’re now required to place our containers 500 feet apart. The strange thing is, the rule only seems to apply to us. Everyone else in our neighborhood still place all their containers within a foot of each other. We’re the only ones with a big, scarlet letter on the trash can.

So, what do you think? Is the garbage company out to get us?


23 thoughts on “We Have a Scarlet Letter on Our Garbage Can

    1. Nope, just a regular straight block. I emailed them and they said the driver probably moved it because it was convient for him to do so. I just don’t understand why our can is the only one moved.

  1. I think they are just out to get you.
    Our garbage man empties our trash then puts the can back on the street in the middle of our yard. We put it at the end of our driveway and they put it in the middle of our yard. Nothing like rolling your garbage can down the street and back to the driveway every week.

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  2. Do you have any other options? Where I live, the city hauls away the garbage once per week. But there’s a private company that does it twice a week, and they take yard waste and big items. It only costs us an extra $5 per month, so we’ve gone with the private garbage company.

    I’m just asking because maybe you can ditch them and go with someone better.

    Otherwise, I’d take a couple hours off work and stay at home on pickup day. When the driver shows up, go out and have a little chat with the driver. :)

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  3. Wow. I don’t even know what to think about this. Maybe the containers aren’t the ones they like or something? Kind of like bulls with the colour red.


    I hope you get this resolved because “sexy” doesn’t clean trash very well LOL. (Yeah, go find out the real reason would ya??:] )

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    1. The containers were issued by the garbage company. The person I contacted said it’s probably because it’s convenient for the driver to move the can. Not sure why that would be convenient.

  4. You know what…these Garbo men are smarter then we think….
    They get paid a small fortune over here to collect the rubbish…the least they can do is put ya bin back where they found it !

    I’m so in the wrong job….get out there next time and tell the moron that ya dont live 5 blocks up or better still park ya bin up there and wait for the call LMAO…

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  5. I think you have inadvertantly offended the garbage gods and now you need make amends …. I find a bottle of wine works wonders …. I always find one to regift from my stock … it’s the thought that counts …

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  6. Yeah, I’d be calling and talking to supervisors, taking pictures before AND after the trash is picked up every week and emailing the pictures to EVERY supervisor’s email that I could find. That’s crap if they can’t put stuff back at least close to the way they found it!!

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  7. This could lead to a touchy situation…the more you monitor them and tell their supervisors, the more tricks they might play.

    Our can usually gets moved but not much more than a few feet. Our guys are out on foot running around so I can see why it doesn’t get put back where they found it. Your guys have no excuse…it’s the arm doing all the work.

    On another note, just realized that I didn’t have your RSS feed in my reader. Just grabbed it and all is good now.

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