Sex, Lies, and the Inauguration


While the rest of the nation was witnessing Barack Obama’s historic inauguration, people in the Portland area was dealing with a scandal that involves sex, lies, an openly gay mayor, and a teenaged boy. Try topping that, Obama.

This week, a local paper broke the story about a sex scandal involving our newly elected mayor, Sam Adams. When the mayor was campaigning last fall, he denied he had a sexual relationship with a teenager in 2005. Now the mayor admits he was lying and told his former partner to lie too.

According to the 42-year old mayor, they waited until the boy was 18 before they had sex because the mayor knew it was illegal to have sex with a minor. Sure, he knew that was illegal, but he didn’t know it was morally wrong? The boy was an intern (not his) and the mayor was a person with power (he was a city commissioner at the time). Sounds like really bad judgment to me. Kinda makes you wonder if he has the right character to be the mayor.

Wait, there’s more. Most people in Portland do not seem to be upset with the mayor’s relationship with the teenager, but they are angry that he lied about it. Have I mentioned that Portland is a very liberal city? In fact, Portland is so liberal that you could legally clone yourself and then get a license to marry your clone. Just don’t lie about it.


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