Blogosphere Hibernation


I’m back. I feel like I’m a groggy bear blogger coming out of blogosphere hibernation. I seem to be moving in slow motion in the blogosphere.

I’ve been busy ruling the universe for the past three weeks and have not had time for blogging. Plus I’m bored with writing about how cute my kids are. My goal this year is to write more useful posts and less fluff. Speaking of fluff, here are some in list form:

  • Our wonderful snow is finally gone. It’s been in the 50’s this week. Very spring like. I almost wore my shorts to pick up the kids at school today.

  • The Disney souvenir is about two months away. I think Mommy Forever wishes the baby was due today. It looks like she has a huge watermelon in her tummy. I wonder if it would be better if humans could lay eggs instead.
  • My server crashed two days in a row last week. Then I locked myself out of the server. Doh! I have to make some changes to this blog soon to reduce the load on my server. My blog uses way too many SQL queries.

  • I read all four of the Twilight books over the holidays. I liked them, but I thought Stephenie Meyer’s The Host was better.

  • The Little Princess was invited to a birthday party. This time the mom is letting us know ahead of time that they will be going to see a movie. We have the option of dropping the Little Princess off at their house or at the theatre.

  • For some strange reason, the Little Princess wants to read the Star Wars novel (Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor) I checked out at the library. The Force is strong with this one.

  • I have another giveaway coming up. More on this later.


26 thoughts on “Blogosphere Hibernation

  1. Just so you know, there is snow everywhere here and it is supposed to be 20 below tomorrow. The radios are warning people about hypothermia and frost bite while advising everyone to stay inside. All this means, I’d like to throw things at your head or have you adopt me. Feels like the 50’s! We won’t see that in upstate New York until April. *weeps*

    Also, welcome back. Can’t wait to see photos of the newest forever child when he/she makes his/her appearance!

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  2. So glad to *see* you back around. You read Twilight AND The Host! Whoot, go you! I liked The Host best too. Good luck on the coming soon souvenir package. I feel like I’ve been stuck in 1st gear all month.


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  3. Glad to see you back. The Twilight books are really good. I read them pretty fast, too. There’s nothing very challenging in there to read, just for enjoyment.
    The Host is next on my list of books.
    Thank you for checking my blog and commenting even though I didn’t post for, like, a month!

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  4. hello there dear one – ya to your return … you must feel so proud the wee P wants to read star wars … I am so looking forward to showing my boys the movies and reliving my star wars fantasies … I was soooo in lust of hans solo – what chick was not :) and chewbacca of course !!

    back soon le xox

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