So I Asked for More Snow


Last week, I complained we don’t get enough snow in our area. Apparently Old Man Winter heard me because today is the eight straight day of snow with more snow on the way. They closed the school last week, we’re stranded at home, and my newspaper was buried under the snow. Am I tired of the snow yet? Heck no. I say bring it on. The kids and I are loving it.

my kids on a snow sled

my son sledding

my girls playing in the snow

little Christmas trees

snow in our neighborhood

Portland snow storm 2008

my house at night

snow fruit

night time snow

27 thoughts on “So I Asked for More Snow

  1. I said “Bring it on” too, and now I’m saying, “Take it away!”

    37 inches in two days. And then another 5 inches yesterday. I like looking at the stuff, but am dead tired of shoveling it. Plus, with three feet of snow on our roof, I’m worrying that it might crush the house like a pancake.

    Bring on spring!

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  2. I’m just about ready for the snow to end too. After this high wind warning and all this snow that normally never falls, I’m ready for a break. We love the snow and all too but no one really likes to drive in it!

    and now, we might get more snow tomorrow? wow, come on, are we gonna be stranded in our own houses for christmas? (wouldn’t be so bad hehe)

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  3. We have yet to see more than a dusting out here in Ohio. Julia was concerned that Santa wouldn’t come for Christmas without snow. I’ll admit, I wouldn’t mind a little bit. Just a little bit.

    The photos are fabulous!

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  4. it was that storm in the nw that kept my brother and sister law from getting here until late christmas eve…yikes

    but it looks like you guys used your snow time wisely, great pics!

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  5. Great pictures, I enjoy night time and snow, very peaceful, the night pictures of the road and the home captured this pretty well. We were lucky we were out of town over the holidays so we could enjoy some snowfall – none at home. I am hoping we get some in the near future, a few storms have past through, including ice, but nothing to speak of. Thanks for the pictures!

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