Don’t Open Until March


I have a question. Mommy Forever wants four kids and I’m fine with two kids and a Porsche. Since my wife is pregnant with our fourth child and because I have not found a Christmas present for her yet, can I just stick a bow on her tummy with a “Don’t open until March” note? I couldn’t possibly give her anything better than a baby. And to answer your question: No, I don’t like sleeping on the sofa.

baby for Christmas

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  1. My husband would just be fine with one. ONE! He’d give me a second because I really want one, but he’d run off and get snipped before he’d father a third!

    Babies make great gifts as long as there is a even distribution of baby care going on :)

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      1. HA! That reminds me, newborns always try to nurse on everyone, including daddies. That rooting is so cute.

        Recently River is all into pulling up shirts and looking for belly buttons. Well he saw his father’s nipple and I told him, “Nursies?” Which is what I call nursing. He got this angry look on his face like I tried to tell him a turd was edible. Ok, so he probably would try to see if a turd was edible if given the opportunity. But you get the idea. IT WAS HILARIOUS.

        I’m excited about your newest addition! You are a lucky daddy to have four!

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  2. Congrats on #4 DF! I wonder who he’ll look like? BTW, a baby is already a gift itself. But still I’d think a Porche or a Vanquish would do too! *wink*wink

  3. woooow!!! BIG Congrats. I myself am glad the first trimester is over….ug….hope your wife is feeling great.
    Hey…will you send me an email? I want to send you and invite to my blog. 8) Happy Holidays!

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