More Snow Please


On Sunday, we got our first snow in about two years. Actually, it snowed a few times last year but it wasn’t cold enough for the snow to stick. In my book, it doesn’t count as snow unless it lasts as least an hour. That’s like going trick-or-treating and getting an empty candy wrapper.

I think my kids must be defective. There was only about half an inch of snow, winds were gusting at 30-50mph, and it was around eight degrees (wind chill). And yet, the kids were so excited about the snow. I like snow too, but I’m not too fond of the wind gusts and I need at least three inches of snow before I get excited. When I was an itty bitty lad, we use to get snow every year. Now, snow is kinda rare here on the valley floor. Sometimes, I envy people who get a lot of snow every year.

My Little Snow Angel
little girl making a snow angel

Snowball on target
boy having fun in the snow

Little Monkey showing me respect
my daughter trying to catch some snowflakes with her tongue

Ooops, I just ate some snow
little girl having fun in the snow

I wonder who she’s throwing the snowball at
my daughter throwing a snowball

28 thoughts on “More Snow Please

  1. We usually get tons of snow in upstate New York. There is always at least one storm that closes everything down for a day or two. Walking downtown is like moving through snow tunnels. Last year we didn’t get much snow- which was nice at the time.

    So far we haven’t had much. We did have a ice storm. Ice covered everything. The branches on the tree sparkled in the sun like they were coated in silver.

    I preferred the snow much more when I was a child. Now, it is mostly annoying.

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  2. That is awesome. Always good to see children giving their parents respect ha ha :)
    We rarely have snow here and if we do it is about 4 flakes. Of course I do live in the south east so we get humidity not snow ha ha.

    I have never seen a white Christmas…so the song is abit weird to sing here!

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  3. Your kids look so cute in their Eskimo outfit! :D
    BTW, not to rub salt to the wound; we’ve got too much snow here! hehehehe…

  4. In 25 years in Oklahoma, only one white Christmas. I must have been to pre-occupied or self-absorbed to appreciate the full wonder of it, as I can’t recall the year.

    We get dreadful icestorms that shut Oklahoma City down for days at at time. Last year, we were out of our house for 11 days. CNN interviewed my husband. A beautiful snow – to rare. I love these pictures and the kids in their winter suits. Priceless photos as rare as snow is. OUr last big play-in-the-snow was in 2003!!! I didn’t appreciate it nearly enough and griped about how cold I was and got annoyed when my husband hit me with a snowball.

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    1. I’ve never had a white Christmas, but we might see one this year. The forecast is for two more snow storms in the next six days.

      My wife doesn’t like getting hit by a snowball either. Lucky for her, she’s pregnant so she stayed indoors this time.

  5. Seems like most folks are getting snow. We’ve had more than enough already in Wisconsin. Someone turn it off! As I type this it has once again been snowing for 8 hours in Wisconsin. At least the kids enjoy it!

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