Christmas Shoot 2008


I kinda fixed my manly point-and-shoot camera (I broke it last September). Manly because it matches my manly mini-van. Kinda fixed meaning the lens cover/shutter still doesn’t close all the way, but does open all the way when I press the shutter button now. The camera reminds me of my kids. Their mouths open easily, but it’s almost impossible to close them.

Christmas Photo 2008
Forever Christmas 2008

Blooper outtakes:

Is that a smirk?
Kids at Christmas 2008

What’s with the goofy face?
Kids at Christmas 2008

Who loves daddy?
Kids at Christmas 2008

Who’s the best?
Kids at Christmas 2008

What’s little sister doing?
Kids at Christmas 2008

39 thoughts on “Christmas Shoot 2008

  1. What beautiful children you have! Thanks for sharing and yes doesn’t it always take 50 pictures to get maybe one where they are all smiling and looking the same direction! :)

  2. hello there – apologies for absence …. blah blah blah.

    So how in the name of a sweet xmas pic do you get your three to look so fab and stay still and smile great smiles ….

    is there a secret word, threat or bribe I need use … I only have two and cannot manage this feat …

    nice one daddy …. le

    Read le´s recent blog post..Dance Hall Daze

  3. what an adorable family you have. always such a breath of fresh air to come here and see how everyone has mutual respect for each other. what amazing people your children are, what amazing adults they are turning into.
    sadly, my camera is not taking photos at all, off being fixed somewhere and hoping it will return by christmas.
    This comment thing below is amazing. attaching another lily url; this one taken at the huntington gardens and museum in pasadena

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