Yes, I Have Always Been Good Looking


I guess I shouldn’t have complained about the Little Princess’ school photo. My school pictures were not any better. Take a look at my photos from kindergarten through the fifth grade. Apparently I’ve always looked like a geek. Can you tell my mom use to cut my hair with a bowl?

kindergartenfirst gradesecond gradethird gradefourth gradefifth grade

Check out my son’s kindergarten photo. People say he looks just like me, but I don’t see the resemblance. He doesn’t even look geeky. What do you think?

my son's first school photo

Speaking of geekiness, I realized this weekend I’m no longer a geek. My broadband router died on Saturday and I had to replace it with an old router Verizon gave me several years ago. It didn’t come with any instructions and is no longer supported by the manufacturer. It took me two days to configure the router, print server, and fire walls before all the computers and printers could communicate with each other again. TWO DAYS! It’s not exactly how I wanted to spend Thanksgiving weekend. Maybe I should go back to being a stripper.


25 thoughts on “Yes, I Have Always Been Good Looking

  1. Hey don’t feel bad, My mom cut my hair too. Not only that but some times she would curl it and use hair spray too. Felt like I was at some sort of make over show.

    No matter what she did to my hair I was still a geek.

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  2. That is so cool that you have all those pics. The first one and the one of you in the yellow shirt look JUST LIKE HIM. No, he’s way too cute to be a geek. No geek-ness going on there. You’re probably someone my hsuband and I would really like to know in real life. Same humor. ha!

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    1. The router was only part of the problem. I didn’t know I had to reconfigure the firewalls and print server too. So I kept playing with the router settings, which didn’t do any good. Instructions would have been nice.

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