Retake Please


We recently got back the kids’ school pictures. Not sure what happened this year. It looks like the Little Princess forgot how to smile. I hope the retake photo is much better. Is it too late for a refund?

3rd Grade

2nd Grade

1st Grade



36 thoughts on “Retake Please

  1. And how come I can take 5,000 digital pictures and get them all printed for like , $10, and school pics – for the same pose and a little blurred and cheapy-cheapy- are $37? It’s a racket! Did I spell that correctly?

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    1. It’s kinda of a scam when you consider you have to pay for them before you see the pictures. We rather just order the class picture and take individual photos of our kids with our digital camera. But you can’t get the class photo unless you pay for a package.

  2. Ironic, I sent my daughter’s back this year too and would have done with my son except he didn’t want to retake his and I figured best to leave well enough alone with him. But my daughter is so great in photos I was surprised. I too hope retakes are better! Weird that both our girls would have retakes this year, it’s our first time for it.


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  3. Dude,
    A great example of how they grow up so fast. Enjoy the “monsters” while you can. Soon they’ll be making your life hell in other ways. Just read my blog for your future…

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  4. On the morning of picture day at our house I took the kids outside the house in their nice clothes and took some pictures. We like them a lot better than the ones taken at school.

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  5. It bothers me that most school photographers are so not into it these days. It’s big business, and these companies often hire low-paid, unskilled people who just don’t know how to get kids to respond to the lens.

    Where does all the money go? Profit. Their margins are HUGE, especially now that they use digital.

    Found your blog via WW…and I love what I see. Cool to see other dads who write and share the important stuff in their family’s lives. I look forward to reading more.

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