Did Obama Really Win?


Barack Obama won the popular vote and more importantly, the electoral vote. But John McCain won more territories. Reminds me of the 2000 elections when Al Gore received half a million more popular votes than George W Bush, but lost by five electoral votes and a bunch of dangling chads in Florida.

2008 Presidential Election Results by County
Blue = Obama, Red = McCain
2008 presidential election results by county
Source: Mark Newman, Department of Physics, University of Michigan

22 thoughts on “Did Obama Really Win?

  1. This map is quite interesting, however like any statistics, it can be misleading because in my opinion, when you look at the all of the maps in question, this is the only one that makes it look like McCain was favored. Just my 2 cents, that and 75 cents won’t even buy a cup of coffee at 7 11.

    1. I agree, the county map is misleading because it doesn’t take population into account. A lot of rural areas are very small population wise. I think McCain won more states too, but Obama won most of the big electoral states.

  2. That’s like us in Canada. There are more people crammed into a tiny area in the east. There are less of us in the west so we can only hope the east votes for what we want and yet we are so different on this half of Canada. We know things need to change but not sure exactly. how.

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    1. At least get rid of the all-or-none electoral votes. Doesn’t seem fair to award all the state’s electoral votes to one person if that person barely won the state’s popular votes. Makes more sense to split the electoral votes in each state.

  3. If sheep and cattle could vote the map the amount of red on the map would mean McCain was president, but the human population of the US is very unevenly spread and there are big stretches of red with only a couple of residents per square mile. Those blue areas contain a lot of people!

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  4. Yes! Exactly. That’s what I’ve been saying for years. There is a reason against it, but I cannot remember what it was. Getting too old I guess(29).

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