We Broke Our Canon at Cannon Beach


Ever since our trip to Cannon Beach last September, our Canon PowerShot A540 has not been working within specified parameters. In other words, it’s broken. I’ve been using my weirdo-in-law’s camera, but would like to get a new digital camera in the near future. What do you guys recommend?

broken Canon PowerShot A540

18 thoughts on “We Broke Our Canon at Cannon Beach

  1. I have the Canon S2SI(old version) and I know of people with the Canon S5SI. Great point and shot with tons of options but a big camera.

    What I want is the Canon Rebel XSi but it is taking a long time saving my few pennies.

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  2. i have a great, but pricey camera – Nikon D 40. Every time you say weirdo-in-laws i just CRACK up. I wish my inlaw stories were funny and weirdo and not, well, completely resulting in traumatic holidays for me!!!!!!

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  3. Wow I hate it when camera’s get broken. I’ve been beyond thrilled with my Olympus Stylus 760 – it catches so much that I’m always amazed. On our trip two years ago we took a tour bus in Philly and I just started snapping sure nothing would turn out with all the bumps and speed but every shot was stunning and clear! Honestly, in today’s world I think you’d be hard pressed to find something that wasn’t great, especially if you’re not looking at the cheapest.


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  4. Oh camera woa’s! I feel them. I use to have a REAL camera. But now we use cheap digital ones and the quality just isn’t there. I want a new camera SOOO bad. But will have to wait till I can aford what I want. I sometimes use my “work camera” (belongs to work). And the quality is unbelievable It’s a Nikon D60. Pretty expensive (I thin around -$700). I think the Nikon D40 is pretty good to. A freind of my has one and is realy pleased. GOOD LUCK!

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  5. That’s funny my Canon Powershot also took a dump recently as did two of my friends with similar Canon cameras. Let me know what you end up buying as I am in the same boat as you.

    BTW Try check out CNET.com for digital camera recommendations. They are pretty good about evaluating different brands….

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  6. my earlier comment got lost! BUMMER!
    nway.. if ur looking or a compact camera.. i suggest u go for OLYMPUS! Buy the one with shock n WATERPROOF! Highly recommended. Price is reasonable compare to others that cannot take pic under water at the same n even lower price. M not trying to sell here but i bought th Olympus Stylus 1030 SW(http://www.olympusamerica.com/cpg_section/product.asp?product=1363). Now i have lotsa pic n videos in the pool, swimming, snorkelling. Don have to worry carrying the camera to any water theme park/ sea as u can swim together with it!!

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