Barack Obama, President of Beaver Nation


Congratulations America. You have just elected the brother-in-law of Oregon State’s basketball coach as your next president. The next four to eight years should be very interesting. Now that Barack Obama is president, here are some changes you can believe in:

  • Things will not change over night. Sometimes, things may even get worst before they get better. So don’t be surprise if Oregon State loses more basketball games this year than last year.

  • Expect another bailout. The OSU basketball program has not been the same since the legendary Ralph Miller retired almost two decades ago. In order to turn things around, Oregon State will need bailout money to upgrade their facilities and to buy the best recruits they can.

  • The United States of America will now be called Beaver Nation.

  • The eagle in the Great Seal of the United States will be replaced with a beaver. Hence forth, it will be called the Great Seal of Beaver Nation.

  • America will have new colors. Bye-bye red, white, and blue. Hello orange and black.

  • You can expect every Oregon State basketball game to be televised. Now you too can watch the Beavers lose.

  • The State of Union Beaver Nation address will be devoted entirely to Oregon State University.

On another note, there is a rumor about Sarah Palin becoming the next coach of the Oregon State’s women basketball team.


18 thoughts on “Barack Obama, President of Beaver Nation

  1. It seems that a majority of coaches in major college programs or professional sports has a either a sibling or sibling-in-law that is also involved in sports or other high profile position. Weird.

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  2. ahhhh now I know why we have all the woes over here – not enough basketball ….

    so I take it a lot of media calls will be done from your back deck now … being orange and black – yes ? le

    Read le´s recent blog post..Posting at the Peas

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