Kid Dies on Halloween


I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween. It was a fun night for our kids and we made it home safely, which is not something that could be said about the 12-year old trick-or-treater that was shot to death. Apparently, a man thought he was being robbed so he open fire on a dad and his two boys when they knocked on his door. Can you imagine being the parent of the boy killed? I would be devastated and would want to build barriers around my other kids.

I don’t understand what the shooter was thinking. It was Halloween and he had his porch light on. It should have been obvious they were trick-or-treaters and not robbers. And what was an ex-convict doing with an AK-47 assault rifle and why did he need to fire off 29 or more rounds?

Halloween is one of those holidays where we as parents have to have faith. We have to trust that people won’t lace our kids’ candy with poison, we have to have faith that people won’t abduct or shoot our kids when they ring the door bell, and we have to believe people won’t rob us when we open our doors to trick-or-treaters. I love Halloween, but I find myself wondering if we are too trusting when it comes to trick-or-treating. On any other night, most of us would not let our kids accept candy from strangers or let them open the door if we didn’t know who was ringing the door bell. But on Halloween, we are very trusting and have faith people will be on their best behavior.

So, what do you think? Are we too trusting when it comes to Halloween?


19 thoughts on “Kid Dies on Halloween

  1. I was at least expecting you to tell me that the children were trying to break in the back window or something before they were shot. This is terribly sad news.

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  2. I think this is another tragedy of our time. I was thinking on Halloween how great it was to have so many kids and parents out walking down our streets that you’d have been hard pressed to get a car down them. Sad, sad, sad.


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  3. How sad. I had not heard that story.
    Halloween is a kid’s holiday for free candy. We should be trusting.
    But a really big adult sized kid came to our door Friday night. He had a machine gun and a black scarf over most of his face. He had a deep voice when he said trick or treat. I was a little frightened of him. It was just him and me. John and the kids had left half an hour ago.

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  4. Isn’t it ironic that people expect the the best of other people (no poison candy, no kid napping) on a day that celebrates witches, monsters, killers….?

    I am all for scrapping halloween on Oct 31 and instead pick maybe July 31 and call it something like Peace, Love and Candy day. Everyone could dress up like nice fuzzy animals, princesses and other nice things.

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  5. I don’t ‘do’ Halloween cos:
    1) It’s an American Tradition, not a Kiwi one!
    2) I tell my kids all the time not to accept lollies (candy) from strangers cos it’s not safe!
    3) I tell my kids not to talk to strangers cos it’s not safe….

    So why would I then turn around and TELL THEM to do that?

    I don’t think it’s a safe thing for children to do without an adult with them… and even then I don’t think it’s a good thing to be doing! But , that’s only MY opinion.

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  6. I am so glad that weapons are against the law in Australia…..there are way to many idiots out there with a gun and half a working brain…

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  7. What a tragic story. I hadn’t heard about it until now. So, so sad.

    Halloween has really changed over the years. When I was small, we did our Trick or Treating after dark. A lot of people gave out homemade treats like popcorn balls and candy appples. I was about 8 the year there was all this stir about someone putting razor blades or something in candy. It hasn’t been the same since.

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